Threading The Style Needle Over 50

Threading the style needle over 50. I’ve been thinking . . . about personal style, “uniform” dressing, being “age appropriate” and other fashion-related miscellanea. I have a lot of time to think now that I am retired and can’t travel anywhere. [Do not pity me, this is where I live]:

I’m searching stylistically for that sweet spot between Old Lady (not that there is anything wrong with Old Ladies) and Mutton As Lamb.

Ironically, when I was in my late twenties and early thirties I dressed completely corporate – dark suits, silk shells, nude hose, and medium-high black pumps. I worked in downtown Boston, then downtown Washington DC, and I looked exactly like all the other business women. This was me:

Well, this was the target image! I never looked this polished. Source.

I see myself now as a modern 65 year-old woman, of-the-moment but neither trendy nor, gods forbid, dowdy. I never dress “sexy” any more; I don’t feel comfortable showing cleavage, thighs or butt curves. All my clothing is slightly loose and super-comfortable – that’s a concession to age, and also the casual, downtown style I’m drawn to.

Here are a few the Ins and Outs I currently follow to thread the style needle at my advanced age. All of them are significant to only me, so please keep doing you. No rules or prescriptions for you here, wear what you love.

OUT (for me, for now):

  • Matching skirt suits in a conservative cut.
  • Nude pantyhose!
  • Medium heels – any heel, actually, over two inches.
  • Pink or any pastel polyester pants. No worries, if you love them, just enjoy.
  • Hawaiian print shirts. Not my style, not even at the beach. Your mileage may vary. 😊

IN (for me, for now):

  • Cool neutrals. A closet full of navy, gray, ivory and black, with shots of red.
  • Tee shirts, long or short-sleeved, all year here in Florida. Washable silk ones are fab.
I love a medium weight tee like this for Florida winter. And I do the front tuck.
  • Modern denim. I try to choose jeans that spark joy and are in a current cut. My current favorites are high waisted straight legs, in a dark wash.
  • Full skirts that hit just below the knee. An occasional pencil skirt, just to the knee.
  • Midi dresses that skim over the body. Maybe a floral print in this category.

This pretty floral midi can have a spot in my Spring/Summer closet. I’d wear it with fresh white sneakers.

“I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.”

-Wednesday Addams

What’s In and Out for you these days?

Stay safe, wash and wash and wash (your hands), xo

Wear what you love, always. Here are some goodies to browse:

Please be aware that links to vendors may be affiliate links. I may benefit from your purchases through the links on the blog. Header image by Dejan Dodic from Pixabay

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  1. Skirts, dresses, layers, florals, patterns the lot.
    No black, no heels (or only if I don’t have to walk anywhere. Heehee.
    Hope you’re keeping well Patti
    Lynn xx

    • HI Lynn and thanks for coming by. You’re right, heels are fabulous if you’re being carried around! : > Stay well and safe, xx.

  2. Dress is so 90’s grunge and what I am always looking for and never find, to wear with lace up booties. But in a dark floral. Someday! Quote by Wednesday
    Addams hits home. I wear a lot of black. Looks great with silver hair!

    • Hi Ramona and I hope you’re doing well! Big yes to a dark floral midi with lace-up booties, any day. : > Stay fabulous and safe, xx.

  3. I have seen your posts and admire your creative chic styling .A fashion icon I admire much older than you but closer to my age is Diane von Fürstenberg. I find fashion a creative outlet and add interesting jewelry and Baroque print silk scarves for fashion joy. Aging is out of your control. How you handle it, though, is in your hands. Diane von Furstenberg

    • Good morning Joan and thanks for coming by. I adore DVF’s style too. I got to see her at a book signing in NYC and she is stunning. Your accessories sound smart and interesting! Stay safe, xx.

  4. I see two types around here in the south of France: the classics and the bohemians. Well, there’s the mutton-as-lamb type, too, but we aren’t going there. I am not very artsy and find it hard to pull off bohemian, although I love it. I see women with Doc Martens, dramatic capes in rich colors, and their hair dyed to match (green, purple). Love it. They aren’t trying to be young. They are allowing themselves to be eccentric.
    The others go for nice sweaters or crisp shirts, usually with dressy pants, sensible but perfectly shined shoes and a good bag. Also: scarves. It’s more attainable (doesn’t require an artistic eye), but can look frumpy if not pressed or ill-fitting or in bad fabrics (polyester).
    I just got some dress pants with stretch from Uniqlo. Love them. They look serious but feel like sweats. They are great for working from home–psychologically serious while not being uncomfortable.
    I love me an all-beige outfit, but I don’t have the coloring for it. I look like oatmeal in beige.

    • Hello TOF! Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment. A dramatic cape and colorful hair sounds delightful.Your new dress pants sound great too, and I am with you on the all-beige. Stay well and safe, xx.

  5. Hi Patti!
    I got rid of the corporate suits about 6 months ago. It is clear I would never be returning to the office. It will be a year of remote work in March. I have been wearing a lot of long-sleeved t-shirts and my beanies (a little chilly right now). I still love to do fun photoshoots, I showed up for a few Visible Mondays. I am on the hunt for a full-on formal gown – just because ~

    • Hi Tami and thanks for coming by! Love a long-sleeved tee paired with a beanie, and so not-corporate : > Let us know what you pick for a formal gown! And stay well, xx.

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