The Ups And Downs: Which Hemline Is Your Favorite?

It’s so wonderful to get dressed in a style era when every hemline is “in”. Do you remember when we wore only mini skirts? Then the backlash of the midi hemline, the return (and third return) of the mini, the high-low, asymmetrical, and the low-low. And now all these variations can have a place in our wardrobes.

A long dress or skirt is romantic. The most feminine and romantic hemline is the ankle-grazing skirt. These are terrific in both hot and cold seasons and they always look elegant. The gorgeous black and white vintage skirt below is from Vix’s shop, Kinky Melon. Vix has a keen eye for vintage beauties.

This sweet ankle-length dress is from Citizen Rosebud‘s vintage shop. It’s got great swirl. I often wear it as a maxi-skirt, with a flowy sweater on top.

A short (for me, to the knee) hemline is sassy. I don’t love showing my knees, so my closet is a bit short (heh) in this department. But this length is great for balancing an outfit’s proportions. And as I look at these pics, I see that my calves are shapely, so maybe I shouldn’t shy away from a knee-skirt.

A denim skirt gets so much wear in my wardrobe. I like the fade on this one, and now I’m looking for a hight-waisted version.

This wool skirt is a flattering length too, and I solve the knee issue with tights. Cat tights.

My favorite: just below the knee, feels graceful. This is my sweet spot hemline: knee-covering and still easy to get around.  I can even ride my bike in skirts like these. Tights are optional, and I feel comfortable and grown-up.

My Christmas 2017 outfit, a pretty Karina wrap dress that falls just where I like it.

Love this checked and ruffled skirt; it really does go with any number of tops, and I wear it year-round.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments about which hemlines you prefer.

Stay fabulous, and enjoy every sandwich, xo

Some hemlines to browse through:

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  1. You look fantastic in all of the lengths! I like just above the knee with tights though I’m not wearing tights so much these days as I don’t wear black or not match my legs to my shoe. LOL my self imposed rules make it complicated but if I don’t follow them I don’t like the look. I wear just on or above the knee in summer. I like longer maxi skirts but I tend to trip when I wear them and have difficulty on stairs in either direction… so it’s not a good idea for me to wear them. Long midi skirts suit me but the shorter ones don’t. The sweet spot is bottom of the calf, which I think is called tea-length, rather than mid-calf which somehow just looks like my skirt is too short. For straight skirts just below the knee is good. It’s great that anything goes now-wonderful to be able to wear what suits us but also to find it in the shops!

  2. Those cat print tights are so cool – they add a touch of whimsy to any outfit. I prefer wearing above the knee hems in winter with tights or leggings, and long skirts in the summer when I don’t have to worry about them getting wet from being dragged in the snow.

  3. Every length suits you, Patti!
    I’m all about the maxi – I like mini but feel more me in floor length frocks! xxx

    • I’ve seen you in minis, and you look amazing. Long skirts are really your signature, though – always vintage and personalized. xo

  4. I agree — it’s great that we can wear whatever length we want. I remember one time in the late 1970s, when I was in my late 20s. I wore one of my favorite long dresses to an event and as I was walking by a small circle of women quite a bit older than myself, I heard one say, “Such a cute dress. Remember when those were in style?” Yes, it stung a little bit, but ultimately I didn’t care, even then. I love long dresses and skirts! The black-and-white skirt in photo #1 is beautiful, and you look fantastic in it!

  5. I typically have to wear my skirts short (if wearing leggings) or to the knee or to the ankle. Anywhere below the knee and above the ankle makes me look shorter than I am and I’m only 5’1 any way! LOL

    • Nothing wrong with 5’1″ ! My baby sister is five feet even, and wears similar hemlines to yours. xo

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