New Style Inspiration, And Visible Monday Reminder

Style inspiration is all around us, in the expected places (New York Fashion Week) and the unexpected (Netflix series). All we need to do is keep our eyes, and minds, open. My fellow bloggers are my main source, and I do like to keep an eye on the runways for the designers’ points of view.

Here are a few of my favorite inspiration sources this week:

Elle of TheElleDiaries actually attends some of the New York Style Week shows, and shares her favorites at her blog. This past week she was smitten by the designs of Malan Breton. And who could disagree? This gown is so shapely and the fabric/print so luxe. While I don’t often need a gown (sigh) I’d love a skirt in this fabric:

Elle took this pic, as she’s attending some of the shows. Serious envy.

Anne Bray of Spy Girl inspires with brilliant colors in her scarf and fantastic tights. Her cobalt knit dress is a perfect base to play with. The tights were Anne’s own design and are available here.

I’d like a handful of easy dresses like this one.

Susan of Une Femme d’Un Certain Age has inspired me to wear a head-to-toe-one-color outfit. You can’t go wrong with monochrome, plus accents. Love how Susan’s silver hair reflects the ivory pieces.

A classic all-ivory look is sophisticated, and Susan adds some of her signature accessories.

The Editor at The Propeller is gorgeous in shades of blue, and ruffles, and a bow. She mixes a number of style elements – texture, shine, and silhouette – and I especially love the continuity of blue shades. I’d like to try this with pink-to-red or pale-to-dark green.

The post has many more fab outfits; it’s well worth a look.

Stay fabulous, and see you at the new “Easy does it” Visible Monday,

Reminder: Visible Monday starts Sunday around 5PM. You are invited to share your favorite outfit, accessory, hairstyle or lipstick of the week – anything that made you feel Visible. Be there for the best blogger party and the finest style on the webz!

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Here’s some inspiring pieces to browse:

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  1. Hello Patti,
    I am having trouble linking up, but wanted you to know I am trying,
    . When I open the link it tells me the server cannot open the app.
    Maybe, it is just me, a bit under the weather still. I enjoyed this post and will check out the bloggers you highlighted.
    Love, Elle

  2. I’m so glad that you shared these outfits. Like you, I get my inspiration from style bloggers, and of course the city streets of New York. Not to mention the store windows. Lol.
    I love Anne’s style, so eclectic and rich in color. I love Susan‘s use of white asscontrast against the rich indigo and that fabulous wicker bag. I also am seriously loving the entire ensemble worn by the Editor at the propeller.
    I agree completely. While I love that fabulous gown, I would enjoy a skirt in that lash fabric. I hope to share more of the fashion week designs soon. I was a little under the weather for fashion week and I’m just getting back to myself.
    Thank you very much for sharing my post. I really appreciate it. I also wish you a wonderful week ahead!

  3. Oooooh Patti, I return from my hiatus and get featured! Woohoo! Thanks!
    The tunic came from one of those cheap Chinese internet sellers (the Yahoo email sidebar ad lured me in) and is not in very good condition. I still love the color though and can’t yet part with it.
    The “tights” are actually leggings.
    I’m happy to be “back in action” and seeing what everyone’s up to.

  4. I love these pictures! I especially love Susan’s outfit (just followed her blog…thank you). I’m going to have to make me a pair of white jeans now.

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