The Fierce 50: Meet A Designing Woman

Today marks the launch of the first annual Fierce 50 Campaign. As women over 50, we are coming together in a supportive community to honor and celebrate one another and to share with the world what it means to be a woman at midlife and beyond. Through this collaboration, each woman has developed a unique bond with their blog partners, opening their hearts and sharing their stories. We are here to show the world how powerful we are together and that we are only truly just beginning. Learn more about the campaign and connect with all the Fierce 50 posts here.

We’ve each been partnered with a fellow blogger from any field that 50+ women participate in: fashion/beauty, health, careers, finances, education, fitness and more.

My partner is the talented and inspiring Rhonda of RohondaDesigns. Find some of her offerings here, her Facebook page here and blog page here. She describes herself as “a grandma from Fresno” and she is that and so much more. Rhonda started her own clothing design company in her 50’s and is now marketing her simple-chic dress designs to women of all ages. She has limitless energy, it seems, to accomplish all she does. She is a breast cancer survivor and a terrific writer (read here). Get to know her a little better today; I think you’re going to like Rhonda a lot.

rhonda rohonda designs

Rhonda wearing one of her chic designs.

1. How did you start your clothing business?

I started this fashion adventure about a year ago. It began when I contacted a company in downtown Los Angeles, Indie Source. I met with them with a book I had compiled of my ideas and that’s where it started. The sketches were done and then patterns made. Sample garments were made from the patterns and then we did a small run of 2 of the 4 dresses I had designed.

2. What inspires you in your designs?

My inspiration comes from the classics.  I have bought vintage pieces before that I’ve had altered and I love them. However, today’s fabric with stretch is such a great thing! Why not combine? Jackie O style, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and so on are always inspiring. What has really continued to inspire me is the many ages of women I get to see in my designs. I really intended to market to 40 or 45 and above but many younger women in my life have bought and wear these designs. Classic knows no age I suppose!

rhonda rohonda designs

Women of all ages are welcoming Rhonda’s individual design touch.

3. What keeps you enthused on the tough days?

The enthusiasm can definitely come and go. There are days when I ask, what was I thinking? Taking on a whole new industry and world that I really didn’t have experience in. Should I not have thought about this earlier in life? Actually, I probably did think about this earlier in life but was busy with other people and things. So in this chapter of 50’s why not? I’m a grandma from Fresno and I decided, with much encouragement from my husband, to just go for it.

4. What are your personal favorite pieces of clothing you’ve designed?

I started with designs of 4 dresses. I named these dresses after my four granddaughters. Lucky for me they have vintage-y beautiful names. So there’s The Grace dress, The Lucy dress, The Ruby dress and The Olive dress. My favorite dress? Anything red.
fierce 50

5. How do you feel about being 50+?

During the 50’s you let go of so much. Now as I’m actually just shy of 60 I realize that I don’t need to talk about what I know but just do my best to live it. Wisdom I’ve gained and continue to is best shared by my actions. Time is most important, so I try and choose the best ways to spend it with family and friends and make it memorable in the most simple ways. Loving people whether I agree with them or not just works out the best.

fierce 50

Hmmm, how to turn this into an actual cupcake?

Why shop with Rhonda? Well, I think we can all relate to her inspiration:

“Many times I have shopped around, hoping that a designer has read my mind and produced exactly what I’m envisioning. But while there are wonderful fashion options out there, something is always a bit off for me. It’s too young; it’s too old. It’s too tight; it’s too boxy. It’s too short, too low-cut, and what is the obsession with cap sleeves? Anyway, I decided to solve my own problem by designing and producing dresses that I would actually wear. Classic designs made in today’s comfortable fabric. A bit of classic with a touch of vintage hopefully creates a whole bunch of beautiful!”

notdeadyetstyle and Rhonda

Rhonda and I – looking relaxed and happy, but still Fierce!

Stay fabulous and keep thriving at every age,

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Header art by @bethbriggsillustration, many thanks to her!

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  1. Her story was so inspiring! I’ve already been following a few of these ladies from the Linkups, how does one get invited into the Fierce 50 group? I would love to be considered.

  2. As a fellow Fierce 50 member, a breast cancer survivor and a woman who’s 50+, I loved reading about Rhonda’s “go for it” attitude. I’ve always been that kind of woman, but breast cancer makes you move forward with gratitude and joy and focus like a laser. Brava to both of you great women! Brenda

    • Just totally agree with Jess on you being the fierce one Patti xxx I love her take on life over 50 and her approach on how to handle tough days….Having just turned 50 last September it has been something which has made me really proud actually becaue of this 40/50+ blogger community. It certainly would have felt much more different without it! <3

      Thanks for sharing. Sabina

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