The Best Moments Of Your Week?

The best moments of your week? I’m working on adding joy to my days and being more conscious of it. Turning 65 has brought an awareness that this is not a forever ride, this life thing. So many milestones have passed – and I’m Not Dead Yet – but it’s not likely that I’ll become Secretary of State or a ballerina, or a grandmother. I do hope to sing on stage, even a tiny stage, one day.

There is a lot to savor in the so-called small things. The big things are good health, a happy marriage and enough bucks to pay the bills. I am mindful of how fortunate I’ve been in the big things. This past week I had some small Moments of Zen, when life felt extra good. All simple and free or cheap. I’d love to hear about yours in the comments.

  1. A slice of pizza with pineapple, a glass of red wine, and my new novel (Agent 6 by Tom Rob Smith, excellent), all enjoyed alone and well socially distanced, at the outdoor pizza place down the street. They fill my wine to the top of the cup. Sandy was hard at work on his software – I’m looking forward to his retirement next year. (N.B.: it’s totally normal for a 60+ year old guy to want a go-fast sports car, right?).
Excellent hand made pizza to order. And a safe place to sit outdoors in the ocean breeze.

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.”

Emma Goldman
  1. Hitting the note G5 without screeching in my singing practice. I haven’t managed to do it at any actual lessons, though, so there’s something to look forward to. The following beautiful performance is a goal, not yet a reality. She slays that G5:

  1. And another of the best moments: a boat ride on the Indian River with Sandy’s brother and sister-in-law. They invited us to sunset and champagne, two of my favorite things.
First, a gorgeous sunset. Soak in the moment.
And a couple of hours later, a stunning moonrise reflected in the river. Sigh. Nice planet.

“It was what Joseph had missed most during the war, all the small, scattered pieces of the precious and luminous ordinary, evidence that life insists on continuing.”

Marisa de los Santos, I’ll Be Your Blue Sky

What were your small but memorable moments of bliss this past week? 😊

Stay fabulous and safe, wash and wash and wash (your hands), xo

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  1. Beautiful post, love the sunset and champagne! Cold and wintry in the UK, but we fully appreciate it when the sunshine decides to appear. This morning the garden was covered in stunningly beautiful frosty spiderwebs, a photographic opportunity not to be missed.
    My husband’s car is far too fast for us and the local trips we tend to do BUT as soon as we are outside our small village he has a particular hill that he loves. I see him look carefully in the mirror then zoom the foot is down!!! I thank the Lord he’s not completely grown up yet!
    Stay safe and well
    Pamela x

    • Hello Pamela and thank you for coming by! I bet your garden looked magical today. And thanks for sharing the experience of a go-fast car in a small town : > Stay well and safe, and warm, xx.

  2. Thank you for such an inspiring and uplifting post. As I sit here cuddling with my 50 pound “baby” (dog) the present seems not so bad.

    • Hello Sonya and thanks for your kind words. Cuddling a 50-lb “baby” sounds like heaven right now. Stay safe, xx.

  3. Thank you for the lovely post a very pleasant moment. I most enjoyed your sunset picture beauty reminiscent the line
    “The sky is the daily bread of the eyes”- Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Other best moments include loving conversations, a walk to enjoy the beauty of nature, and enjoying looking at Art books as I am currently reluctant to go to a crowded museum.

    • Hello Joan and thanks for your comments! I love the Emerson quote – and yes, the sun looks like a luminous egg yolk sitting on the water. Art books are another wonderful way to pass the sheltered days. Stay safe and fabulous, xx.

  4. The amber light streaming through the city as the sun set. A perfect blow-out with my new detangler (so shiny!). Revisiting all my Christmas decorations that I haven’t looked at for 10-15 years. Getting my 75-year-old Mom on Zoom and laughing harder than I can ever remember with her. My amazing partner who gets how hard things can be for me, and gently lifts me up in small ways (like wearing a Santa hat while we play a game, so silly). Watching squirrels run across wires strung high above a crosswalk. Pushing my face into my kitty’s belly and feeling him purr.

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the reminder to stop and be grateful, Patti. Hugs to you and Sandy (and L wants a go-fast sports car, so I think it’s a “thing”) and your furry fam.

    • Hello Sheila and thanks for coming by. Nothing better than a kitty’s belly-purr, that’s heaven to me. You have a great list of “moments” – of enjoying your life to the fullest! Stay safe and well, xx.

  5. Hi Patti,

    A nice post, and well worth thinking about. I live in WA state, and we get a lot of grey, dismal days this time of year. My moment of bliss came recently when the sun suddenly emerged from the clouds and shone through the blinds, giving the whole living room bright, cheery, golden stripes! Nothing lifts my mood like sunshine.

    • Good morning Judy and thanks for coming over. Sunshine is for certain a mood lifter! Enjoy the day and stay safe, xx.

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