Four Quirky Styles To Add In The New Year (If You Like!)

I’m working my way through the Curated Closet style workbook. It’s a little work and a lot of fun.

At 62, I know which styles I’m most attracted to. It helps to look at my closet through the lens of the workbook, too, as a couple of things have had to move to the Molly Mutt Thrift Shop. They didn’t make my heart sing, so out they went: an ivory wool pullover that was too plain and shapeless; a suede skirt that’s grown too big and looks sloppy; some shoes and boots that could no longer be repaired or refinished.

I’ll share more about the workbook as I plow through it, and I recommend it to anyone who likes to analyze their style. Based on my analysis (and gut feelings), I’d like to add some modern personality pieces (the author calls them “key pieces”) to my wardrobe. I stopped making “dithering” purchases a while ago: you know, shopping the clearance racks, or shopping to cure boredom, or buying duplicates of everything.

Here are my target pieces, to express my authentic self: not too outre, but far from the corporate and conservative uniforms of my past.

Jeans with interesting hems and higher waists. I’m loving cuffed jeanspicked hems and fringed-hem jeans. I like this whole look, with the high waist, simple checked skirt, and funky booties.

Personality shoes with a little heel, like these suede booties, and these and these. I’m trying to add an inch to my heel height and still be comfortable; the slight heel makes me feel more self-assured.

Graphic sweaters and tees like this kooky and cool crabby top. I love the whimsy and it would so NOT be allowed in my old real estate office, heh. Love this great sweater that Vale is wearing, too. I do try to keep the graphics in the realm of classy, like no “stars on my boobs” designs. 


“Deconstructed” tops and bottoms. Not destroyed or hole-y but with unexpected shapes. Inspired by designers Yohji Yamomoto, Maison Martin Margiela, Comme des Garcons and Moyuru, and, in real life, this skirt from Etsy. Edgy without being too far out of my zone.


I’d love to hear what you’re planning to add or subtract in 2018.

Stay fabulous and enjoy every sandwich, xo

Some offbeat pieces to browse:

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  1. I like all the elements that you’ve chosen, Patti, especially odd-shaped skirts and character jumpers. I’ve been looking all over for high-waisted jeans to replace my old ones that have gone at the knees. (I know that some think exposed knees are trendy – but not for me!) I don’t like below-waist jeans, they always leave my midriff cold and keeping warm is the priority at the moment!

  2. I’m searching high and low for high-waisted jeans without any success. They are the comfiest wear for me as they keep me warm, creating no gaping flesh to chill me down! My old favourites have gone at the knees, and while some think that’s a fashion statement it’s a no-no for me.
    The items that you’ve chosen this week echo my own preferences, especially for odd-shaped skirts with boots and character jumpers.

  3. I’m totally with Tena on turning thrifted jeans into something more specisl. Your fashion goals seem very true to your overall dtyle Patti . I love that first one with the biffalo plaid shirt!

  4. I think the interesting hems on jeans are easy enough to try and I am just starting to embrace the graphic tee trend.It is fun to try new things!

    • It is! Hope you didn’t get freezing temps last night – it was in the mid 30’s here. xo

  5. Yes!! I’m liking the dif lengths and cuffs on pants, as well as dif fits!!!! Shoes, too!! I’ve had to stop myself from the duplicate purchasing thing!!! So weird, r???

    • Not so weird (says the woman with a dozen black tee shirts)! The cuffs and hems make the jeans look fresh, IMHO. xox

  6. Patti, you and I are seeing eye-to-eye on these styling targets. I’ve been paying particular attention to hem and embellishment details on high-end jeans with the idea of replicating on lower priced/thrifted pairs. Personality shoes, a graphic tee, and a deconstructed skirt have recently been added to my wardrobe as well.


    • We are twin-shoppers! Love your idea of copying the pricey jean details on thrifted jeans. xo

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