Style Obsessions, Past And Present

You know the expression, “The perfect is the enemy of the good,” commonly attributed to Voltaire. That’s me when I have style obsessions. In my youth, I would over-buy all the time, looking for the perfect piece. Multiple black pumps, cuff bracelets, button-down shirts, and rarely were they just right.

I remember obsessing about, among other things:

  • Hair products. From Dippity-Do to electric rollers to keratin treatments, the quest for good hair started early.
  • Lipstick. Need I say more?
I’ve had all these colors – you too? Image source.
  • Boots. Started with go-go boots when I was 14. And it really hasn’t stopped.

I don’t over-buy anymore. Now I stalk. Mostly online and at the thrifts. I have filled many a virtual shopping basket, then left it abandoned. I watch and wait, hoping to catch the sale or find the perfection that doesn’t exist.

More recent obsessions include:

  • Boots. Some things don’t change.
Can I have too many of these? By Born.
  • Faux fur and leather. I’m stalking a faux-leather full skirt. I had to have a faux fur vest this season, but I looked at about one thousand before I was gifted this one:
From Covered Perfectly. Go check them out.
  • Japanese sewing patterns. I still haven’t sewn a single dress but I love looking. It makes me feel peaceful, the lovely minimalism.
I pore over them, and then go do something else.  : >  Source.
  • DIY manicures that last. I will find you one day, I will or perish trying.

I’ve never been much of a scarf or purse hound, although I know some women who obsess over them. One black Coach bag has served me well for almost three years. I have a drawerful of scarves, but I don’t really lust for them.  But vive la difference, yes?

So tell: Do you desert your online shopping carts too? What are your obsessions, from yesterday or today?

Stay fabulous,

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