So Darn Grateful

I have been so fortunate in my life, in countless ways. Chief among them: being born to a good family in a healthy and wealthy part of the world (my family was not wealthy at all, but we had a house, running water, heat, and a backyard).

My family assumed I would go to college, and so I did. I’ve been employed almost 100% of the time for the last 38 years, never been homeless or missed a meal out of lack of funds. As I type, I’m looking at the Atlantic Ocean.

I had the great good fortune to meet Sandy, my best friend and now-husband, when I was 37 years old. We’ve barely shared a cross word in 22 years and, true to the old saw, never go to bed angry.

And so on. I am not religious, so I don’t thank any deity, but I am grateful nonetheless for all the good fortune. Today I went to the doctor for my check-up. Nearly everything looks well, except for a few odd numbers on my blood tests. We’re re-testing next week. And all of a sudden, good health seems the greatest fortune of all!

My doc and I are not overly concerned. I am irritated, however, that my cholesterol was high. How could that be – I am thin, a vegetarian, and never eat fried food. Doc told me it’s from . . . sweets and carbs. Ah rats, the things I enjoy so well.

Sniff, sniff. I have to lay off the muffins. Recipe here, in case you have good cholesterol.

So add to the gratitude list:

  • A smart and kind doctor.
  • Health insurance (thank you, Obamacare, for making it more affordable).
  • Enough income to buy fresh and healthy food.
  • Permission to drink Chardonnay in moderation.
I can keep a few pleasures. Art from Etsy.

What’s on your gratitude list today? Hope your day is calm and lovely, and stay fabulous,

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  1. I am also truly grateful for a good healthy body and mind and I have learned to never take it for granted. Also grateful for an incredibly wonderful husband and children who enrich my life in every way possible, and for some of the best (true) friends a girl could ask for. These last two years I would most definitely add my blogging friends, like you on my list of gratitude. Keep up that positive energy and thinking wonderful lady.

  2. You have a wonderful attitude. I needed this reminder as I've been having health issues and feeling a bit sorry for myself. Time to start a gratitude journal again. Best of luck with your re-tests; I hope you can still treat yourself from time to time.

  3. Patti, I hope all is well…I know the high cholesterol thing is annoying when you do most things right!! Since I do pray, I will pray for you and a good outcome to those tests!

  4. Today; I´m grateful that I´m alive, had enough budget to eat lunch today at our favorite restaurant and live with the love of my life for the past 7 years and counting. As for the blood test, I´m trying to eat more salad and less cheese especially the cured ones but no wine(too bad) for 2 months because I too have high cholesterol and something else but I´m okay with my current diet. Health is REALLY your wealth. Cheers to that! 🙂

  5. thanks JJ, our network of online friends is a source of gratitude, for sure. xo

  6. There certainly is a lot to be thankful for in life, health above all. Hope the cholesterol levels come down, Patti, and you can be grateful that wine is still on the menu! xxx

  7. what a lovely post Patti – I wish you all the best for your medical tests and kicking the high cholesterol. I'm grateful for very similar things xx

  8. Thankyou for reminding us. I had a glitch in my health recently and it certainly brings it back into focus. I am also grateful for a warm house, a roof when it rains, glass windows in the wind, happy children, enough and more food, and a soul mate who shares my joys , sorrows, and zaniness!
    And wonderful clothes and wonderful people all over the world to show them to who get it! And who share back. I am ever grateful for you all.
    Hugs, Patti at this frustrating time. JJ

  9. I've seen posts where people do this once a week. I often think about my good fortune in health and happiness and middle class life, but I forget to think about the little one-offs. Today I'm grateful for two of my oldest friends – one I spoke to on the phone today, which doesn't happen often enough. And the other one is getting married in September, and I'm so happy for her! I'm so lucky they're my friends.

  10. Such a lovely post about gratitude. Best of luck with the follow-up!

  11. I'm grateful for my wonderful understanding husband who puts up with me; for my rewarding job; for the wonder that is the internet for letting me share my love of clothes and whackitude with other fashionable people; for my health, strength and sleeping 5 hours a night (I wish more).

    Most of all, I'm grateful for my real family – my friends, like you, Patti, for the reminder to BE grateful!

  12. Sending my most positive and healthy thoughts your way. Health certainly is wealth…there is no truer statement, in my opinion! xo

  13. It always takes losing one's health (or the thought of…) to make you understand just how important it is.

    I am grateful every single day for what my body allows me to do. Without it nothing else is as important.

    I am grateful for family and a loving husband, food and a roof over my head. I'm grateful that I get to fly on a plane to Amsterdam in a day and meet up with some bloggers. I'm grateful for the connections that blogging is bringing me. And of course I am grateful for my pug. Life just wouldn't be the same without a loving pug to come home to.

    So I am hoping that was just a "glitch in the Matrix" and you will soon be back to 100% internal health as your external health looks fantastic.

    I can't believe that sweets and carbs can make cholesterol high! Crap. Can't carbs be really good for something other than loading up prior to running a marathon?


  14. I send you wishes for HEALTH, and good health at that!!! Can you have 2 glasses of wine? I mean, that cake needs a good sub, right?

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