Silver and Sparkles: Visible Monday

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Here’s another pretty dress that didn’t make the cut for my NYC trip. Although it’s a silver beauty, and the price was right ($6 at Molly Mutt thrift shop), it needs alterations and somehow doesn’t express my NYC vow-renewal vibe.

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You can see it’s too big in the arms, and I have a chic clothespin holding it tighter in the back. It is a wonderfully fun dress to wear, though, and will be perfect for a night out with my sweetie.  Truly Silver and Visible. It’s vintage 1980’s, by “NiteLine“, and it’s all silk except for the mountain of sequins. Major selling point: no jewelry is needed! Red lipstick, and you’re ready for a party.


I cut out my feet (quelle horreur) because I haven’t yet received my sequined sparkle-shoes. This dress needs cool shoes, or maybe some white ankle booties.



Now, let’s see what’s in your closet, Visible Women.

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  1. What a fabulous dress! It’s my first time here, and I do love a good sequin! Thankyou for the linkup and I really look forward to getting to know everyone. Mimi xxx

  2. I read “mountain of sequins” and I think my heart rate went up a bit. This is a stunning dress!! I see you in it and the last thing I think about is the fit. It’s an all-in-one thing. So gorgeous. It was meant for you. May you wear this with joy!

  3. What a fabulous dress Patti! And yes, I think the white ankle boots would be wonderful – go get ’em! Thanks for the link up party x

  4. Oh Patti, what a cool dress! Silk and sequins galore! Somehow, I am thinking of a showstopper pair of red shoes with it, to go with your lipstick. xxx

  5. I love the idea of white booties with the dress!!!! Or like a sparkly blue pair of booties!!! Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere!
    Honestly, I’ve only had coffee so far but, I’m already at a LOLOL level!!

  6. You and the dress are meant for each other. So gorgeous. I hope you alter it and wear it because…see above. Love the look. There’s something magical going on here.

  7. That dress is fabulous on you and at that price you can easily afford to factor in some alterations and still walk away with a bargain! xxx

  8. The best dresses are the ones I don’t even want to think about how I am going to wash! Shiny and sequin-y and splendiferous!. It’s beautiful. Thanks so much for hosting once again and very excited to be back after a very long absence. Off to see what everyone is wearing now xx

  9. That silver dress is stunning on you. Perfect for the holiday season or glammed up for a wedding, dear Patti. =)

  10. Both dresses are stunning! But I can see how the silver one would be a winner, it just has that city vibe! Great idea to wear it with white booties!

  11. That’s a super sparkly outfit. I like a bit of glitz. I’m going to try and find some Silver this year as I’ve only got gold.

  12. That dress is COOL! Wow! Once you get the alterations and your Cinderella shoes mouths will drop wherever you wear this.

    I have never heard of that 80’s brand but they have some amazing pieces.

    So fabulous you were able to score this piece at work.

    I cannot wait to see what you bought for your vow renewals.


  13. I can see that it is too big-that is a cool dress and i could see me wearing it! I curate at the thrift store too. If something just looks like to much work to alter for fix, it stays.

  14. Ah, getting curious about the dress that did make the cut… this one is very stylish, and will no doubt look great with white booties.

  15. Ooooooo, Patti! You had me at MOUNTAIN OF SEQUINS! This is so pretty. I know you’ll still get lots of wear out of this one, at future parties. xx

    PS: I’ll add your link to my post tomorrow; I’m using someone else’s computer because mine is being repaired.

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