Fill In Your Thinning Hair; Fab Over-40 Women

I have a spot in the back of my head where my hair grows wonky, and it looks, well, balding. Aaack. I do have thin, fine and thinning hair anyway, so this is not going to fix itself. My add-on hair collection helps, but some days I want to wear my own hair.

My stylist, ever the diplomat, says it’s just the way my hair parts back there, like a cowlick. Nope. And while it’s a minor issue (“hair cleavage” is another term), I don’t love it. I’ve tried parting my hair different ways in the back, but it always reverts to the balding look.

My remedy is Toppik, a collection of tiny fibers you shake on your thinning spots. (I’m not being sponsored, but I love the stuff.) Since I found it in White, it’s been my best hair friend, right behind a good humid day.


Here’s my before pic, with healthy pink scalp peeking out:


Here I’ve sprinkled some Toppik on my spot, and fluffed it in. If I add a shot of hairspray it stays all day. Still not making the cover of Hair Beautiful, but covered:


Now with hair issues resolved, take a moment to enjoy these fab outfits from the over-40 women of Visible Monday:

Blend in your favorite vintage pieces: Terri of Meadow Tree Style is wearing a sharp vintage blazer with her new, amazing, almost-Clint-Eastwood hat. Love that cross-body bag too.


A fresh white dress always looks chic: Suzanne of of Ask Suzanne Bell looks delightful and modern in a white honeycomb dress and block-heel gladiator sandals. Wonderful street art too.


Unexpected accessories make a chic look even chic-er: Glenda of So What To 20 added a rope belt and cool newsboy cap to her classic jeans look. So smart, and ready for lunch or a creative meeting.


Stay fabulous, wear what you love every day, and enjoy every sandwich, xo

Some fun Fall pieces to browse:

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  1. Love tomknow about this hair product! I have thinning hair too from a mild cancer drug that I have been taking for years. So good to know!
    Love Glenda’s sleek look and Terri’s blazer and super cool outfit. Suzanne looks simple and chic in white, spiced up with the strapping sandals!
    Happy weekend!

    • I know! Sandy doesn’t like me calling mine a bald spot either. I guess it’s a “view of my scalp.” : >

    • I’ve used it for years at my temples, and it’s grown a few baby hairs! Hope you have success xox

  2. Wow, that looks great! I love your hair – mine is fine and thinning but completely straight. If I don’t do something with it everyday it looks greasy by noon. I also have a receding hair line and it’s so difficult to deal with. Your curly hair is so pretty, oh how I wish mine had a little natural curl!

  3. Well I just ordered some Patti! I have the same issue with “hair cleavage” although I’ve never heard it referred to as that before. Ha! Previously I’ve been back combing the crap out of it. Having something I could just shake it would be so much easier. My fingers are crossed it works as well for me as it does for you.

    I really like Terri’s hat.


    • cool! let me know what you think – I use at my temples too. Back-combing is another way to go; I’ve seen some masterful videos on youtube. xox

  4. I’d never heard of this product, but it seems that it does what it sets out to do. The difference is really noticeable. One way or another, I think your hair looks fabulous, Patti. And so do the three visible ladies you are introducing here. xxx

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