A Shopping/Wishing List for Spring

I don’t really do seasonal shops, at least not epic ones. But here are some items on my list for spring/summer (and I actually carry a list in my purse now!):

Wish List
  • I need a couple of lightweight, pretty floral tops like this one, to wear with my solid skirts and with jeans on the weekend, $46
  • I am looking for a cool pair of wedges that have some personality, but can be work-worthy, like these Naturalizer platform sandals, $89
  • I like this smallish bag, and it comes in a bunch of fun summer colors, like Strawberry and Seafoam: Dooney & Bourke handbag, $178
  • A pretty and unusual bracelet would fill in a lot of accessory requirements. I love the color of this one: Kenneth Jay Lane cuff bangle, €120
  • A long, colorful, but not overwhelming scarf will also expand my summer wardrobe nicely. Bindya scarf, £125

So, do you have a written list, a list in your head, or do you let the mood move you for Spring? Any must-haves? Would you wear those festive wedges to your workplace?

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  1. Hi Patti,

    Love your choices- I do not carry a list- the list is in my head- would love to find see through shirts and skirts to layer over clothes and sandals of course, i have my eye on a beautiful Jeffrey Campbell plattform shoes!

    I got your Visible Monday badge on my blog, finally!

    Love Ariane xxxx

  2. I keep a list in my head but it's always very short, like "Need to replace those old sandals" kind of thing!

  3. Love that bracelet! And I could use a sheerish springy top like that, too. I always seem to have a wish list in my head. Right now it's dresses. I just weaned my youngest, and I'm hankering to wear non-nursing-friendly clothes!

    Oh, and I really want these Aerosoles Intriguing sandals in the leopard print…I've been stalking them for months!

  4. I usually keep a shortlist in my head, but I've actually filled up my spring/summer quota quite well over the winter. In fact, I can't think of anything I could really want right now that would be a "need". I don't have a workplace, so yeah, I'd wear them all over. But I think it depends on whether sandals are considered okay. If they are, I might wear them, but workplaces are okay with sandals or very much against.

  5. I have a list in my head, but at 71, I think I should write it down.  I mainly thrift shop, so a list might be a very good idea.
    I have been looking for a knit dress, but not one that clings over my little tummy – perhaps a print would do it for me.
    I like your list!

  6. I saw some cork wedges the other day that I have to have. I don't do seasonal shops eaither. I kind of just pick up stuff year round whether the season is right for it or not. Comes with thrifting.

  7. I actually carry a short list, but have located most of the items in the thrifts.  The one area that I am truly shopping would be for shoes.  Inexplicably, I want a pair of saltwater sandals!  And I need nude pumps.  The bracelet you've selected is lovely.

  8. Still shopping my closet here, but the bracelet is really special.  I can see you in the lovely floral top!

  9. We must be on the same style wave this week. I am dying for a yellow purse 🙂

  10. Have you looked for your loafers on the 6pm.com website?  Great selection…..

  11. I am with you on the blouses..I would love to find some pretty new ones!  I love the bracelets on the NPink site.  I want a couple of pairs of short pants and a skirts and dresses and….wait a second, I think what I need is MONEY!!

  12. Love the scarf and the yellow bag, in particular. I carry in my head the Hit List, of things I am searching for at any given moment. Right now, top of the Hit List, and maddeningly out of reach for my outside feet, are a pair of stacked heel loafers. It's a good thing I love the hunt, because this is taking forever.

  13. I am looking for some black high heeled sandals with a chunky heel, a summer bag probably made from a fabric with leather accents, and white blazer. So far, I haven't been looking that hard except for the shoes. 
    I like that buttery handbag…very pretty. And the wedges would not work at my job because I pour and sell wine for a living. And they would make me way too tall! But I think they would be darling on you 🙂 

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