Shop Alone Or With A Friend? And Fab Over-40 Women

A lot’s been written about the value of shopping alone vs. with a friend. On the “alone” side of the ledger: no time limits, more focus and concentration, no distraction from the task. Work at your own pace – tear through the thrift shop or linger for hours. Your friends may be fabulous, but not share your taste. If you’re the same size, you can fight over that one batik skirt.

Those who prefer to shop with a friend would say: you get an opportunity for feedback and fresh eyes. Your friend might pick out pieces you wouldn’t have normally tried on, but that turn out to be wardrobe stars. Browsing can be more fun with a friend, as you yell out across the aisles “what about this Pucci(esque) print?” You can go for coffee/wine afterwards and make a fun event out of it.

I enjoy both ways to shop, depending on my goals. Shoe shopping, for example, is best done alone. For a one-time party dress, it’s more fun to open the horizons with a friend. And I’m always up for an expedition at the thrift or consignment shop with my sister.

No matter how you prefer to shop, take a moment to enjoy these fab outfits from the over-40 women of Visible Monday:

Make your capris dressy: Jodie of J Touch Of Style looks ready for any fine event in these silky capris and bell-hem blouse. Her accessories elevate the look – those earrings are bee-you-tiful. Check Jodi’s post for more great dressy capri looks.


Mix color and texture for a knockout look: Joi of In My Joi combines a fab fedora with a faux fur wrap, velvet skirt, and quilted pink bag – and looks so gorgeous. This look takes fashion confidence and knowing your own style – you go, Joi.


Go bold with print mixing: Olga of Local Fashion put together a new wide-sleeved blouse with an ethnic-print full skirt, and cross-front wedge sandals. Her earrings are as lovely as Jodie’s.Love the finished look, very modern Boho.


Stay fabulous, wear what you love every day, and enjoy every sandwich, xo

Some early-Fall pieces to browse:

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  1. What great looks! Love to see what everyone shares!
    I enjoy shopping both ways, but I only feel truly relaxed when I shop alone. In fact if I go out with a friend, I will probably end up going out alone a day or two later just so I have that alone and decompress time.

  2. I’m mostly a lone shopper, during my lunch breaks, but love vintage shopping with my best friend, which we do every couple of weeks. We’re due a session tomorrow and I can’t wait. Thanks for your introduction to these three lovely visible ladies! xxx

  3. I am very much a lone shopper if I’m looking for something specific, as I like to move fast! But, if in browsing mode I don’t mind looking with other people. My husband is fun to go thrift-shopping with as he does pull out things for me sometimes that I would have overlooked myself.

    Some very chic ladies in this post, I shall have to check out their blogs.

  4. I love to shop with certain friends, and I also like to shop alone. I find a certain comraderie in thrift stores, whether alone or with a friend.
    Shoe shopping, yes, alone. !!
    Loved Jodie’s look and Joi’s look also, I now follow both, but will check out Olga’s blog, love her boho style.
    Thinking about you. My blog is down until tomorrow, I hope, no worries, all is well. Happy mid week!
    Xoxo, Elle

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