My Review Of Face Brushing, On A Budget

I consider myself medium-maintenance when it comes to beauty routines. I do use Retin-A on my face and hands, sunscreen every day, hair products, fragrance and a few makeup items. I don’t think I’m overly fussy. But when I saw a face-cleansing brush at the Cat Thrift for only $5, brand new, I had to — wouldn’t you have to? Mine wasn’t a big name, but a Cindy Crawford Deep Cleaning Brush (now discontinued).

This is a top of the line facial cleansing brush; retails for about $200.

My review of the Cindy Crawford electronic brush:

  • The faster speed is overkill for my older, drier skin. But the slow speed feels great, like little fingers all over my face.
  • It does leave a super-smooth finish on my skin. I can get close results with a gentle wash-cloth cleansing, but this was more fun.
  • No way it’s worth the $100 – $200 the big name “systems” cost, at least not for me. Maybe for those who wear heavier make-up, or have oily, stronger skin.
  • The fast speed is strong enough to substitute for another, ahem, massaging-style product, not that I know anything about that.

There’s not enough time in anyone’s day to do all the tricks an aging woman is supposed to do to stay fresh-faced. Even I, in my retirement, can’t fit in all the fun I want to have. But I’ll continue with a weekly electronic face brushing. If you’ve tried one, please tell.

Stay fabulous,

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