Real Life Fashion Show: It’s In The Details

It seems to work both ways: the devil is in the details, said Nietzsche or anonymous, and oddly enough, God is in the details too (according to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe or anonymous). When it comes to style, the unforgettable and unique elements are in the details. The women of Visible Monday demonstrate how to work the details and make a simple outfit more captivating.
As always, the first tip is: accessorize in the ways you love, and own your look. Confidence is all.

And there’s always room in my closet for some fabulous details:


Andrea from Living On Cloud Nine wears a darling poncho with ties at the sides (unusual and fun) and a statement heart pendant. Her sunglasses and topknot hairdo add a lot of fun too:


Tiina of Elegance Revisited looks lovely in a blue wool coat, and adds more interest with a floral scarf and singular brooch. Both pieces make the blue coat, fabulous on its own, stand out in a crowd:


Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb takes a classic ruby jumpsuit to another level with awesome pink shoes and a feminine choker necklace. The red lipstick is a stand-out too.


Suzanne of Suzanne Carillo adds a beret to her vintage shift dress and doesn’t she look French and fabulous. Loving the tie-up boots too – it’s all the details, eh?


Kirsten of The Lifb Issue looks so stylish and pulled together, with her teal accessories: fedora, rain boots and umbrella. She’s walking the beach where an artist has installed lifelike bronze statues. They scared me a bit at first look:



How do you like to play with the details?

Stay fabulous,



Here’s more fab pieces for any age, inspired by the Visible women:

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  1. Haha – I’d never even heard the God one. So many excellent examples here, Patti. I’m quite a clothing slacker and often don’t bother with details but I love their impact on an outfit. Must Try Harder. Must Try Funner?

  2. Absolutely love the details these ladies put into their outfits. I agree it’s the details that make an outfit and make it your own. This is great post to remind us that a little color or just thinking outside the box can turn an everyday outfit into and unforgettable outfit. Peace! Cheryl

  3. Love you to pieces Patti! Thank you for showcasing my side tie poncho. I love that thing but love you more! Have a spectacular day full of sunshine!

  4. It is funny because my husband and I have argued about what is the correct way of using that phrase…God or the devil. Ha! We are both right for a change.

    It is true that details add interest.

    Great choices and thanks for the love!


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