Pre-Summer Skin Alert: Sunscreen Every Day, My Friends!

Most of you probably do wear some kind of sunscreen every day, in your moisturizer, foundation, or powder.  I use a moisturizer with SPF 15, and a foundation with SPF 15. I know they don’t “add up” to 30, but I figure doubling up doesn’t hurt.

We’re headed for longer, sunnier, and more skin-exposed days, so please up your numbers. This simple step is crucial to save the health and beauty of our skin, all shades of skin. I’ve already had a basal cell and squamous cell cancer removed, and I’m sure some of you have too. Mine were no doubt formed back in the 1960’s, when I sunbathed in nothing more protective than baby oil!

Some fascinating studies with identical twins have demonstrated the damage that prolonged sunning can do (most of these subjects who sunned also smoked, so it’s not a precise comparison). Here’s a fascinating slideshow from the New York Times.

For the next six months I am going to use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 30 on my face, neck, chest and hands. It’s very gentle and sheer. When I venture onto the beach or take a long bike ride, I’ll use the SPF 70. My husband says if they made a sunscreen that worked on the surface of the sun, that’s the one I’d buy  : >

Good stuff. Under $10

I love to enjoy the outdoors and get a little bit of sun. But for me, the key is with protection. Aging is doing its thing without much assistance from me, so one does what one can!

What’s your favorite sunscreen for everyday, or do you (gasp!) do without?

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  1. I'm guilty of going without sunscreen ūüôā I've never been able to find a brand that doesn't make me break out (although I'll use it even if it irritates me if I'm going to be out in the sun for hours on end), and I'm vitamin D deficient and need more of it than I get from my daily supplements.

  2. My goodness, the woman on the right should be posted on sunscreen as a warning label…similar to cigarettes.¬† Thanks for reminding all of us to keep using sunscreen.

  3.  Thanks for mentioning the Olay SPF 50 РI've also used that one and like it a lot.

  4.  Thanks for the link, Heather  Рit's very useful!

  5.  I hear you, Megan. Floppy hats and lightweight long sleeves work well too. Our skin types are very similar!

  6.  I've used the Baby stuff too, and liked it very much!

  7. I wear SPF 50-60, year-round, never spend more than a few minutes outside, and still get tanned. So I don't even consider leaving the house without sunscreen.

    I used to hate sunscreen because it felt so heavy on my skin and clogged my pores (and that included the Neutrogena Dry Touch, unfortunately).

    But I think there have been a lot of improvements of sunscreen formulas in recent years. My current favorite is La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light. It's a chemical formula, but not irritating like others I've tried. (Neutrogena makes a similar liquid formula which is not quite as nice, but close, and much less expensive.)

    Others that didn't break me out or feel heavy are Banana Boat SPF 50 and Olay Regenerist SPF 50 lotion.

  8. Thank you for this reminder. It's still cool here but the sun is starting to get more intense and I am fair-skinned. I see the sun's effects on my skin every year. 

  9. I wear sunblock every day and have been for years. Like a lot of women who posted I used to have to choose between sunblock and clear skin but I've since found products that dont make me break out. Check out for non biased reviews of cosmetics. That's how I found the good ones.

  10. I definitely use SPF 15 everyday on my face/neck, and I wear SPF 50 if I'm going to be sitting/playing outside. Sunburns are uncomfortable, and I think tan lines look ridiculous. And I'd like to keep my skin looking youthful as long as I can!
    Thanks for sharing that picture! It totally shocked me and validated my sunscreen habits ūüôā

  11. Sunscreen breaks me out so I do not wear anything with SPF on a daily basis. However I spend very very little time outside, but when I do – I use the highest sunscreen possible (usually baby/for kids kind) on every square inch. I've got that Scotch-Irish skin that burns like crazy and goes right back to pale. I've sunburned on a cloudy day before.

    I know I'm probably not the role model for skin cancer prevention, but I fight my skin battles where I can and when you're someone who rarely sees the sun – the painful rashes/acne breakouts are not worth it.

  12. Patti–I'm concerned about a spot on my face…and should probably have a dermatologist check it out.¬† I've had one spot removed on my chest previously.¬† thank you for this timely reminder.

  13. Patti, Good for you for posting this! ¬†Nothing ages one more than sun (with the exception of smoking, apparently!). ¬†I've done pretty well avoiding sun until the past couple of years. ¬†Now I have some sun spots and freckles on my face. ¬†Needless to say, this year, it's all about covering up….ESPECIALLY the face! ¬†Hugs to you girly! ¬†~Serene

  14. OK, I needed that reminder. I went out twice this week with only screen and a floppy hat on face…………….
    thanks for the wake-up call ūüôā

  15. Hi…I'm an aging redhead. ¬†In my Youth and pre great sunscreens, I managed to get some helacious sunburns. Even hospitalized twice! ¬†
    Ground rules for Sunscreen –don't see them listed often but here goes:
    Sunscreen chemicals and therefore effectiveness  generally maxes out at 18 months top.  THAT includes any make-up, moisturizers too! So Toss out last years stuff and truly protect yourself!
    Rule two: ¬†What to do if stuck without sunscreen – or your favorite brand is Out/unavailable. ¬†Go to the Grocery Store or Discount Store — Buy BABY rated waterproof sunscreen. ¬†As 3 different¬†dermatologists¬†have told me. ¬†FDA regulations on BABY rated sunscreen are the toughest. ¬†SO, no extra chemicals except what is needed – as well as what is for the most sensitive skin.

    He said–anything safe enough for a baby's bottom is good for most any one's skin!! ¬†

    Amazing price differences as well. ¬†The Best/Safest stuff is the lease expensive. ¬†Go figure…

  16. I haven't been. I used to but I got tired of breaking out all the time. And that is the very sunscreen I was using before. I've tried so many and everything I've tried makes me breakout. I don' even use moisturizer because the same thing happens.

  17. What a diference between the two women, wowwwwwwwwwwwww.
    I am always aware of the sun living in a all the year round sunny place and I also love Neutrogena, but I didn¬īt know about their ultr sheer.
    Thank you Patti, see if I can find it here.
    have a lovely weekend.

  18. Its going to hit ninety degrees today…and I have an outdoor wedding!!¬† Thanks for the reminders…have a beautiful Saturday, Patti!

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