Paws On The Runway: A Dog Day Afternoon

The best event of the weekend was the Paws On The Catwalk fashion show/fundraiser for the Brevard Humane Society. BHS operates a no-kill shelter, and saves hundreds of animals every year. They run the thrift store where I volunteer, the Molly Mutt. Good people.

The human models in this show took a back seat to their doggie companions, some of whom are up for adoption. It was great fun, and a pile of money was raised to help the dogs and cats. (Cats don’t walk the catwalk, please.)

There were silent auctions for jewelry, art, and pet stuff.
One of our volunteers made this gorgeous quilt to be auctioned off.
The stars and co-stars. The Great Dane, upper left, was a big hit. That’s my friend Pam, upper right,
walking with a beautiful Akita. He’s blind, but walked like a supermodel.
I’m wearing my Karina Patti dress and Suzanne Carillo necklace, and sitting with fellow Molly Mutt volunteers.
Key lime pie FTW.

And how was your weekend? Stay fabulous,

P.S. The winner of the Karina Dress March giveaway is Glenda, of So What To Twenty! Congrats to her. xo

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