Oooh A New Place To Shop! (Like I Needed One)

I shop at ASOS online occasionally. They have an enormous selection and range of prices. My purchases have been of decent quality, so I keep ASOS on my list. But I just discovered their “Marketplace“, where you can sell and buy gently used clothing! (Those of you who’ve known this for eons, forgive my sloth.)

This weekend they’re having a sale of 30% off selected items, and the prices are now very attractive. And recycling clothing is cool. Check the shipping rates, though, because these pieces are being shipped all over the world. Here are a few of the goodies I found; they may be sold by now:

Such a cute 90’s dress/jumper with a great floral print. $18.
Adorable 70’s (?) blouse (and styling) $14.
I love this feminine blouse with jeans, $10. I’d add a long camisole.
Crazy for this vintage ’50s patent purse, $24.

I also happened upon the RealReal site, another shop with gently loved pieces, but from a higher price bracket. You have to “join” but it’s one of those freebie, we-just-want-your-email-address things.

If your budget’s a little more generous, have a look a these lovelies:

Diane von Furstenberg silk dress, $95.
L’Agence button up shirt, a classic, $65.
My favorite, a Tibi dress with a fab print, $95.

I had stuck to my shopping “diet” till just two days ago, when I bought a knit skirt from GAP. Now I am afraid the flood gates may open! ☺

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  1. I adore Asos, but never knew about their Marketplace. I am so going to check it out.. like right now! I'm so impressed that you're able to find all of these neat thrifting opportunities. You are truly the thrifting queen, and I humbly bow to you πŸ™‚

  2. A nice reminder to go and check out the ASOS marketplace again.. thank you!

  3. One little skirt, Patti – you deserved it!
    I occasionally look at ASOS marketplace for vintage stuff but find it expensive, and still prefer nabbing the occasional bargain on Ebay, or good old fashioned charity shops.
    You've chosen some lovely things though, I can see you wearing the last dress, and the ruffled blouse, and looking utterly gorgeous! And I adore the shape of that black patent bag! xxx

  4. Just don't look! If you start looking you'll find things you really need and really want and bang goes the shopping diet!

  5. Very nice items, but I don't enjoy shopping for clothes online. I like to see and feel a piece of clothing before I buy it. I want to see how it fits me. I use to shop for online clothes but got sick of paying the shipping charges to return the items.

  6. Thanks Patti, I never knew this site existed until just now. A very interesting combination of clothing. If nothing else it sure is fun to see the different styles in the UK.

    Barbara @

  7. Don't tell me about floodgates… I'm swimming in naughtiness as well after a little detour to Value Village two days ago. Bad! Bad!! I look forward to seeing the forbidden fruits of your shopping. I'm not even going to check those links you put. But really, our postal service and rates pretty much puts the brakes on buying online for me.

  8. Thanks Patti, for the heads up on these sites. Great stuff. I could sell some of my Emmy's Thrift Shop there, too. wonder-full!

  9. I shop mostly online and knew about the ASOS marketplace but never tried it. As I am a bit tired of selling my clothes on ebay, I even consider selling there.
    Thanks for the reminder πŸ™‚

    Annette | Lady of Style

  10. I know… "like I needed one". The world is full of temptations.

    Online temptations are not that appealing to me. I have trouble enough imagining how something in the shop on a clothes-hanger would suit me. So I try it on and I can hang it back (often). When I order something I have to pack it again and bring to a post office (or something like it). Not funny as I am returning 99 out of 100 things. Sometimes a cheap necklace works. I want to feel and see things up close.

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