Visible Monday #107: Olive You

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Here’s a fun date-night outfit featuring my favorite color, soft warm green. It almost matches my eyes, and I read in a style book that matching one’s eyes is a no-fail color trick.

I bought this feminine tank at a thrift store in St. Petersburg, and the cool print Lauren Ralph Lauren skirt (similar, but maxi) was thrifted in NYC. The bangle is from Bella’s Etsy shop, naturally.

I wear my watch when I go to the movies, so if the film is boring, I can keep checking, “how much longer?” ツ

This tank is great, b/c it covers bra straps and has some feminine flourishes.
And now, I shall play some wall-guitar for you!

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Hello Patti,
    a very pretty outfit again.
    I have to protect my skin against the sun carfully too.
    I had several changed liver spots removed. Not yet dangerous, but changed.
    Have a good time

  2. Oooo! Olive You, Too! Although it reads more forresty than olive on my machine, I sure do like it on you. Envy is more like it … we'll settle for admire! Thank you again, Lady of the House, for inviting us all over again. You're always a great hostess!

  3. I love your olive green top! I find olive is a really flattering color on me, but then, I have green eyes. I hadn't heard that color style trick you mentioned before, but how clever!

  4. Hi Patti, I have added a link in my post to your Visible Monday too. When you commented, i had not done that yet. I tried to edit the article with my iPad and that did not work, so I had to start up my computer etc. Pffff..

  5. I love the shade of green of the top Patti – and the pleating and draping on the front is so unusual! The Ralph Lauren skirt is a great find too!

  6. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!! There's so much beautiful in green and it's a colour that suits you beautifully darling :). Thank you for being such a wonderfully supportive friend Patti xxoxoxoxoxo

  7. the movie, which you can certainly wait for home-viewing, was "The Heat" with Sandra Bullock – not horrible but far from good : > I did peek at my watch!

  8. Olive is my favorite color. I love the blouse. It's really nice on you.

  9. So what film did you see, Patti? I also do the checking-my-watch-thing. Recently, I have been saving ITunes vouchers for when I want to watch a film at home on a Friday – slightly rubbishy ones get past me & pass muster, as I'm tired by that point!

    I really like your green op, so much more interesting than an ordinary tank. And I am keen on those sandals, that have the 'stuff going on down the middle' style. Do they have a technical term??

    p.s I added my photo to Disqus, so you can see it's me now! I was doing weird pot-as-guest stuff before as I couldn't work it out (am not overly techy).t

  10. in Florida : > Although I would love to travel to Russia!

  11. St Petersburg in Russia?? I am so jealous. Or is there one in the States? Either way it's a gorgeous top. Thanks so much for hosting once again.

  12. Very nice blouse. Such a pretty detail that bow. I think I would have combined it with a pencil skirt. Or trousers. But that is me. Much more conservative.

  13. That ruffled skirt and strappy top are hot, hot, hot! You are one sexy seΓ±orita in that outfit, Patti! xxx

  14. Love the color and the totally makes the top special..gotta love thrifting!
    Sheree xxx

  15. Perfect date night outfit. I agree on both points, wearing a top the color of your eyes does bring out the color and I believe with this one it even brings out all your natural radiance. The other point I agree with or I can relate to is the watch bit, i do the exact same thing.

  16. Great outfit! I especially like the detailing on the top.
    Now you've said it – Yes, I need to hear some of your wall guitar, please.
    I would say leave the movie if it's bad but I do the thing where if I've invested time in it, I feel like I MUST stay for the whole thing.

  17. I love shopping at ASOS. I love this outfit, especially the skirt…so flirty!!! Thank you for hosting the link up πŸ™‚


  18. The green top is so cute – the cut is so unique. I have not worn a watch in I don't know how many years. I recently ordered a bracelet style watch to see if I will use it more.

    Have a great week!


  19. This shade of green suits your fair complexion and blonde hair so perfectly. Love the top's design – so feminine and a bit flirty. Looks great with this pretty skirt.

  20. Hi Patti!

    How are doing? Tks so much for the nice comment
    Love how you styled your outfit
    Original and different for you
    I love it

    Ariane xx

  21. I am so all about olive lately. And I do the same thing with my watch in movies and since I go to a lot of kiddies movies, I am checking often.

  22. Wearing our eye, skin and hair (inherent) colors always flatter. This green is so pretty. I bet it makes your eyes light up.

  23. Those colors are so vibrant and full of energy in your tank and skirt. Great that you find such awesome deals and Bella's bracelet is lovely.

  24. I love that combo of green and russet! You look fabulous in those colors, Patti.

  25. Patti, this top is soooo pretty. Love the color and magnificient detailing. Very unique. It pairs beautifully with the colors of this skirt too.

  26. such a cute, flirty little skirt, Patti! Love this look for you, a bit different from the work wear! xoxox

  27. I can see why green is your favourite colour, it looks so delightful on you. Such a pretty outfit!

  28. You look beautiful Patti! I will make sure to match my eyes and continue wearing brown. πŸ™‚

  29. Now Patti, is it me not remembering properly (which is entirely possible, nay likely!) or do you not wear green very often? I don't associate it with you, yet look how fabulously it suits you – must be that eye trick! That's why I wear red so often… Actually my eyes are a sludgy green/hazel/not much of a colour, so I don't think your tip would work for me. Shame. Love the interesting shape and detail of your top, and that skirt is all kinds of flirty, just right for a date night!
    Thanks for hosting, as always. xxxxx

  30. Ah, Patti, olive you, too!This is a great color on you – perfect with your eyes and your hair. Me, I have light brown mud-colored eyes, and gray hair. No matching for me!

    The top is so pretty! Besides dressing it up with a skirt, I could see it with jeans, too, just for fun.

  31. Lovely, pretty outfit! And lucky you having such a pretty eye colour to wear too! The eye colour tip is totally true, I look great in the weird browny green of my eyes, I know this because I once found a top in that colour. It is an awful colour to wear though, and weird browny green is NEVER the forefront of fashion either!

  32. I love pretty, dressier tanks like this – they are so much nicer than just a stretchy cotton tank! Lovely skirt!

  33. Cute top, Patti and you look lovely in this shade of green!

  34. Super cute outfit. The top and skirt make such a beautiful silhouette. I love wearing green also, I think you are right about matching your eye color. I loved your red lip color with your white outfit from last week. It inspired me to try some because it look so good on you!

    blue hue wonderland

  35. You look like you could be playing some Spanish guitar in that outfit : )


  36. Wow, I really love the way that tank is cut. It's fun and feminine yet age appropriate. I love that shade of green, too.
    Did you go to the movies? I highly recommend the new Wolverine movie πŸ˜‰


  37. I love the eye-color green shirt (me, too!), and the skirt is absolutely adorable!!! I hope to see that popping up again soon! Thanks for hosting Visible Monday…it is so fun to see what everyone is offering up, and such a great forum to get to know other like-minded bloggers. I totally look forward to it every week!

  38. That blouse is STUNNING–dressy yet a bit casual! I love the whole outfit!!

  39. Love your outift – especially your green top – it's so flirty! I'm wearing green too!

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