Not Sweating The Small Stuff, And Fab Over-40 Women

I want to learn from all my life experiences, good and bad. Breaking my wrist, wearing external fixators (don’t look if you’re squeamish), and going through a major hurricane = bad. Surviving, healing, getting stronger (slowly) = good.

What’s come to the front of my mind as I contemplate the “bad” is: most of what I worry about is truly the small stuff. An unexpected bill, a grumpy Facebook commenter, brown spots on my hands, getting a handyman out to fix the door (the one that let in all the hurricane water!).

These concerns are so minor when we take the perspective that the present moment is all we really have. My “official” life expectancy is twenty more years, or 7,300 days. Why spend any of those days fretting about traffic or hairballs (from kitty, not me)? I want to major in the majors, like commitment, friendship, creativity, music, knowledge, and joy.

And now for a dose of fun and beauty, here are some fabulous outfits from the over-40 women of Visible Monday this week:

Make a classic combination more personal: Terri of Meadow Tree Style is Fall-gorgeous in her print knit topper, over a black jumpsuit. It’s a chic, modern way to dress for cooler days, finished with a wide belt and black-and-gold jewelry. So nice.

Mix super-feminine with denim: Nicole of High Latitude Style is looking buoyant in this amazing red tulle skirt, with an always-stylish striped tee and denim jacket. Statement purse and belt, and sassy haircut – just perfect for Fall.

Do a jumpsuit your way: Cherie of Style Nudge mixes edgy and sophisticated in a cropped floral jumpsuit, bold jewelry, and a cashmere wrap. Beautiful combination of colors and textures, and of course some polished footwear.

Over-40 women


Stay fabulous, and wear what you love every day, and don’t sweat the wee things, xo


Some cool-weather pieces to browse:

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  1. Life is short, so why spend it thinking about bad things? At 40, we should look at our best. You got stylish outfits here.

  2. I used to “sweat the small stuff” a lot, but I have made an effort to learn to let things go. When you think if it in terms of how many (or how few) days we have left in our lives, it reminds you to focus on the things that really matter. You selected three very stylish women who have their own unique look to feature. I love Nicole’s denim and red tulle outfit.

  3. You certainly know how to remind all of us to be mindful of the moment in a simple and very personal way. Thank you Patti.
    Thanks also for the wonderful group of women and their stylings. I love the attitude that shines forth from each of them.
    I hope the new pain in your wrist is a sign that you’re using it more and reminding it how to work for you.

  4. I’m notorious at sweating the small stuff, and regularly have to take a step back, take a deep breath and carry on! I love all three fabulous, visible ladies, with a slight preference for Nicole! xxx

    • I think we all major in the minors sometimes, we’re built that way! Thanks for coming by, xo.

  5. I try to remind myself to let things go – we get so worked up about little things, and it’s just not worth the stress! A great reminder, and some lovely outfits on these lovely women. I am totally enamoured with that red tulle skirt.

  6. Such wise words! I never thought to count days of “the rest of my life” (and obviously, it can be twice longer for us, than “expected” too! :), but it really put things into perspective. My personal challenge is to NOT look back at relationships or situations that brought pain and disappointment, and I constantly have to remind myself to look forward, not backwards. I think it’s an important reminder to look forward – to those years that will be FILLED with new challenges, as well as new joy, new friendships, new successes, new happiness! That’s probably a single secret to a happy and healthy life and aging, to be excited about our own life!
    I am so happy to hear that you are healing, Patti!
    Beautiful women, really gorgeous outfits! Thank you for this post!

  7. Tis true that we often fret about the little things and in retrospect they are all little things.

    Did the cast come off yet? You’ll need a party to celebrate.

    I love all the outfits you’ve featured here. What fabulous women!


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