I’m Feeling Rosy: Visible Monday

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It’s been an  . . . interesting couple of months at chez Not Dead Yet. The fractured wrist, the hurricane, the $105,000 hospital bill (before adjustments!). But I’m turning a corner and feeling rosy all over. I’m revisiting affirmations I used in my psychotherapy practice: “All situations are temporary”, and “I choose healing for my mind, body, and spirit”, for example.

Welcome to Visible Monday. If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Link back to Not Dead Yet Style if you like – we’re on Easy Does It “rules” now!

I have loved this rosy silk blouse (similar), ever since I thrifted it. It’s not officially a “good” color for me, as my skin tone is already pink. I love it anyway and it goes with a surprising number of other pieces. Today I’m trending simple, with high-waist dark jeans (sim) and a scarf-as-a-belt.


Contemplating the sea, now a friend rather than a scary interloper. My chunky black heels (sim) are also thrifted, and the pendant is from the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg.



Now, let’s see what’s in your closet, Visible Women.

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Stay fabulous,


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  2. I am so sorry about your wrist and the storm! What a time you have had.
    I do love your blouse very much and think the color is beautiful on you. I also love the deep indigo of the denim.
    You look beautiful.. I wish you healing and peaceful seaside moments!
    Ps. I have not to date linked up with any bloggers, but will be happy to visit some of your friends here.

  3. Forget the theory, Patti, you look so happy in that colour that it’s surely good for you! Glad that everything is getting back to normal – calm seas ahead!

  4. Wondering why this color is supposed to be “wrong” for you. It looks amazing! And the 70s vibe with those pants and the scarf turned belt. Love your affirmations. Will keep a note of it. All the best….and THAT view ….luuuuuvvv it. xo Sabina

  5. American medical bills are so confusing. I remember getting at least 4-5 different bills from different doctors and the hospital from the birth of my daughter. The sum was astronomical and I was so so greatful for having insurance, although it still ended up being quite a pretty penny with deductibles etc. They don’t tell you that nonsense when you get pregnant – don’t save for college, save up for the birth!
    mini-rant over. Glad to see you doing so well and as always, thanks for hosting.

  6. Love the colour on you and so glad your home is intact after the hurricane! The medical bill just amazes me but I am in Australia, with free hospital, medical. (I do have private cover though for elective procedures.) I haven’t been game to post a pic but I may one day 🙂

  7. A surgery I had about 5 years ago shocked me into a greater awareness of the outrageous costs of medical care. Of course my health insurance picked up the largest portion of that tab. For golks eho have minimal or no insurance…? It’s appalling.
    That top has a lovely iridescent quality, like a taffeta. It’s beautiful and looks lovely on you Patti. This is one that could be dressed up or serve as a great holiday look too!

    • It is indeed appalling to get sick/hurt in this country. The anxiety over finances can overwhelm! thanks for your kind words, wish I could see you next week. xo

  8. This is a stunning blouse on you, Patti! I love the color, the shape, everything about it. You look gorgeous! Your affirmations are beautiful and ring true to me! And of course blue sky is an effective affirmation all in itself. So happy to hear that you are turning the corner! It’s been very unsettling, for sure. Nothing but blue skies from now on!

  9. You look amazing – hot pink and huge sleeves? that’s my kind of outfit.
    So glad to see you without the encumbrance on your wrist. My eyes are watering over that medical bill – ouch! xxx

  10. Well, I LOVE this blouse on you! I have pink undertones in my skin too, but love to wear pink. This is such an elegant look! Glad things are getting a bit more relaxed in life and wishing you calm days ahead 😉 if we do meet at some point. i will have to go thrift shopping wiht you, you find great pieces!
    Have a great week!
    jess xx

  11. Wow! This is my favorite outfit of yours yet! So stylish! Love that top. And that hospital bill…oh, my gosh! I can’t believe it cost that much!

  12. Lovely pretty things you’ve pictured. I went to the Bobby Brown counter looking for a particular lipstick last week but it was sold out as a limited edition.

  13. That’s such a gorgeous blouse, Patti, and it works really well with the dark denim jeans. I especially love that photo of you looking out over the balcony. xxx

  14. Keep up those positive affirmations , so true that in time this too shall pass. The pink blouse looks wonderful on you. I knew healthcare in the US was expensive but had no idea it was this high, thank goodness for healthcare. Take care.

  15. $105,000? I can’t believe it! My respect for you doubles Patti with your affirmations and positive attitude. The rosy pink is a great complementer.

  16. Hope your troubles are behind you now Patti. “Everything is temporary” – my mom said if you have a problem, it won’t matter in 50 years from now. If you lived in Ontario you’d have free health care. 🙂

    Pink is a joyful colour and I think this shade looks good on you!



  17. You’re looking vibrant here, Patti. Your affirmations are clearly working – so is the pink top. For me, colour charts are like those speaker systems that are so high-end no human ear can detect their superiority. Does that even make sense? I’m glad you’ve come through all this intact. Love that arm!

  18. I’m keeping a spot ready for both you and Sandy up here…you know…should you need a change of scenery : ) For added enticement it was over 30C here today. I think that is 93 F? Anyhow, it is very hot and humid and I’m sure very close to the weather you are having.

    I’m hoping to join the link up as soon as I can login into my WordPress blog which apparently is broken. I don’t have any at home tech help (Zoë is terrible with the keyboard) so I have to wait till some paid online help (based in India?) gets back to me.

    I just thought I’d comment and say that I love that colour on you! and I’m very happy to see your hand no longer wrapped in a scarf and bandages.

    Keep your face pointed towards the sunshine lady!


  19. Patti, I’m so glad that you’ve come through recent troubles with your positive outlook on life in tact. I think that bright colors such as your top look great on you and keep your style fresh and modern. Thanks for staying visible and for the link up.


  20. That top is fantastic! The colours are so beautiful and suit you so well.
    But, that hospital bill, did I read it correctly??? How?? Why??

    • that’s not abnormal for a US hospital stay!! Crazy, I know, but I’ll likely end up paying 10-20% of that amount, because I do have private insurance. xo

  21. Goodness, I LOVE that top on you, Patti! It is beautiful with your hair. I wish you a calm peaceful downright BORING couple of months ahead after all of your recent drama! xx

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