What To Wear To Physical Therapy; Fab Over-40 Women

Basically, wear whatever you want to physical therapy. The staff are all in scrubs and sneakers, and the experience is far from posh (but so helpful). I like to dress up a bit on PT days, to stay cheery. And I enjoy my time with therapist Vanessa, even though I call her Nurse Ratched.

This simple black dress by COS (similar) was thrifted a year ago, and I’ve given it quite a workout. It’s built like a basic box, but I don’t mind forfeiting the waist on occasion. The dress is a great canvas for necklaces and scarves, and it’s machine washable – a beneficial feature because they do messy (but so helpful) things to you in physical therapy! My floral velvet booties (sim) add color, as does the splint-covering scarf (sim).


In just four weeks, I’ll have regained “reasonable” use of my right hand – full healing takes about a year. And now for fun and beauty, here are some fabulous outfits from the over-40 women of Visible Monday this week:

Tie your top: Gail of Is This Mutton looks modern and crisp in this striped ruffle shirt, with bold accessories. Love the leopard print bag and those checked shoes.

Mix a dressy jacket with your favorite straight jeans: Suzanne of Ask Suzanne Bell combines a classic tweed jacket – in the best Fall colors – with her denim. Check out the animal print clutch and fab block-heel mules.

Mix your colors and prints for a one-of-a-kind look: Sacramento of Mis Papelicos put together a duck-print skirt and a feminine pink floral blouse. It’s a magical outfit that captures her vibrant energy.

mallardsand roses mispapelicos


Stay fabulous, wear what you love every day, and enjoy every sandwich, xo


Some early-Fall pieces to browse:

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  1. I think you must be the chicest creature ever in physical therapy! Love the blank canvas back dress and beautiful booties. Also love Mis P’s colorful style, and both outfits, one from Suzanne- fabulous way to dress up denim and that great blouse on Gail!
    Keep healing!

  2. I’m new to your blog and love the outfits. I’m guilty of wearing the same thing all the time and need to mix it up! Also, I hope your right hand will be back to normal soon.

  3. I bet you’re the most fabulous dressed patient the hospital staff have ever come across! Hope you’ll soon see some improvement and the whole process isn’t too painful. xxx

  4. Will miss you in Seattle Patti! I get not wanting to risk a freshly healed wrist and hope therapy with nurse Rachet continues to go well. You look cute even for therapy!

  5. Love the “(but so helpful)” comments…said, I imagine, through gritted teeth at times. I finally went to PT/chiro after more than a year of nerve pain from ankle surgery. The result was about a 90% improvement (I’ll take it!), so even though it isn’t easy, it is worth it to persist in finding help–even if your doctor doesn’t automatically recommend PT. But then there are the insurance companies…..don’t get me started. 🙂

    • So glad to hear about your improvement, Mary. And go ahead and rant about the insurance companies — I won’t stop you! : >

  6. Wow! You’re a quick healer! Brilliant news. You must have cheered up the hospital staff with both your positive attitude and your fabulous dress sense! xxx

    • so true! It’s a quote from Warren Zevon, after he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. He was right! xox

  7. I do hope the PT isn’t too painful. I’m sure your nurse doesn’t mind that nickname one bit! ; ) That movie was so disturbing!

    The boots really make that outfit. Who knew that floral velvet booties could be so versatile?


    • Agree about the Cuckoo’s Nest movie – it will always be with me. Yes to these booties – I wear them all Fall and Winter. xox

  8. Those boots are fantastic! Hope your PT is going well. Did your Dr recommend? I wish mine had when I broke my foot last year. My left leg hasn’t been the same since!

    • Oh, sorry about your leg still troubling you. My orthopedist demanded I go to P/T because “at your age you don’t bounce back as fast.” aaarrrrrghhh

  9. Love the whole look. The dress shape has been one of my faves since Balenciaga showed it first. The boots are so special. And I really LOVE the scarf on your arm. Really. Stunning.

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