More Things I Did Not Know! And Vis Monday Reminder

As I wrote last week, I enjoy picking up little bytes of information, about beauty, style and other engaging life topics. How ever did I learn anything before the Internet?? Oh, I had to read books . . . those were the days.

Some of the nuggets I gleaned this past week, as I once again try to sift out the glaringly trivial:

Make a pumpkin spice latte to rival Starbucks OK, just this picture has my mouth watering. I need one of these asap, and Starbucks is too far away!

With a couple of shortbread cookies, heaven.

You can use use unicorn cream to moisturize your personal areas.  “As a woman ages and her estrogen levels drop . . . the body produces less collagen and elastin, which results in more wrinkles and dry skin.”  Apparently, this new cream addresses dryness in any part of our bodies. I know, everything gets drier, dammit.

This is one of the would-be miracle creams.

Australia just legalized same-sex marriage and these pics are everything.  “9 January was the first day same-sex couples could legally wed in Australia. As the clock struck midnight, couples around the country tied the knot.” Cheers and congrats to you all.

Teegan Daly and Mahatia Minniecon at their midnight wedding.


You can totally survive in NYC on a $1.5 million salaryI always suspected I could do it, if needs must  : >  On the other hand the author has to get up at 7 AM, nope.

You probably wouldn’t need to shop at this East Village store.


Stay vibrant and fabulous, and see you at the new “Easy does it” Visible Monday,


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  1. Hell Patti!
    I will check out that cream, it could be a wonderful product for me. I know, we keep learning, it is a beautiful thing. I stilll read however, lol.
    Loved this post. I won’t get up at 7 am either… well I might, to turn over and go back to sleep. Have a great week!

  2. I’m with Janey, I would love to hear more of your insider tips on NYC, my favorite city! And yes, what did we do before the internet? Guess times were a bit simpler back then, I have to say at times I miss the slower pace and simplicity! Fun post!

  3. i know you go to new york a lot. i would love it if you could do a post on your favorites in new york. i am going again, first time went for 2 weeks and did a lot of the obvious things. this time will be for 10 days in the summer – august – and i want to be more adventorous

    • how exciting for you, Janey! i’ll be happy to write more about what to do in NYC, and in the meantime feel free to email me at patti @ nhsys dot com. xo

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