Faux “No-No’s” From More Magazine

I usually enjoy the features in More magazine, although I feel like I was their target audience ten years ago. There’s not a lot in there for the 55+ woman. But I still appreciate the fashions and some of the financial/career articles.

This slide show had me howling, though, with its list of fashion “mistakes”. I’m going to highlight a few of the most egregious here, and await your feedback:

  • Boxy Jackets. These “create a boxy silhouette. Today’s chic jacket shape is fitted and shrunken.” Um, maybe, but I love a boxy jacket too, and find the “boyfriend” look kind of youthful. I wear it with straight jeans and booties and a scarf, and feel great.
Not fitted or shrunken, but very appealing. Michael Kors, $110
  • Flannel Night Gowns. “Unless you are sick with the flu and sipping a steaming mug of tea, the flannel gown is not your friend in the bedroom.” Sorry, editors of fashion magazines, there’s nothing wrong with a cozy nightgown on a frosty night. I think they’re adorable. And I have a friend in the bedroom already, and it’s not my nightwear.
This one is flannel-backed. And I’d wear it any cold night, and be tres happy.
Carole Hochman, $42.
  • Stockings With Sandals. “It is a crime against sandals everywhere. They’re sandals, and they’re meant to be worn with bare feet.” That’s pretty bossy. I like the look of tights peeping out of an open toe, but amiwrong?
Cute enough? From the blog The Shoeologist.
  • Your Husband’s Anything. “Get over the sentimentality of wearing his college sweatshirt. Not flattering, not fashionable, not necessary.” OK to the sweatshirt; it’s probably not flattering. But I love a man’s shirt with a pencil skirt, sleeves rolled up and collar popped. And Megan owned the menswear look this week when she borrowed her husband’s sweater.
And I did it too, not too gruesome.

There are plenty of items on the list that no sane woman would disagree with: Clothes that are too tight, chipped nail polish, and micro-mini skirts. But they also included the color orange as a never-wear! These are restrictions up with which I will not put. How say you all?

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  1. As a personal stylist in my early thirties, I wholeheartedly disagree with most of these. But the one that really gets me fired up is the last one. What is sexier than an uber-femme womanly woman OWNING a crisp men's shirt or suiting? Add some pearls and a "come-hither" perfume and I say you've got a winner!!! 

  2. I am enjoying saying "faux no-no" over and over, partly because of how it sounds, and partly because it is so true.  I gave up fashion magazines forever when I was in my teens, because I noticed that I always felt depressed after reading one; one of my best decisions, I think.  And remember, these folks only make money if they persuade you that whatever you have is awful and must be replaced by something else.  (Plus, I look great in a man's white dress shirt.)

  3. Don't wear orange? Well, that's just wrong. And I like wearing men's jackets sometimes.  To see how to wear a man's jacket check out Alice Carey on the advanced style blog. SO COOL!

  4. I love the boxy jackets, especially with jeggings and boots. As far as hose or tights with sandals, I don't go that route because I feel like I'm slipping out of the shoes!!

  5. I have to agree with all these rules. That doesn't mean anyone else has to follow them, though. I think clothes should fit the body. I get antsy about wearing sheer hose with open toed shoes… 

  6. LOVE the jacket, very much dislike night gowns and don't own one because they always strangle my legs, AND, you are so right about the sandals… who does that??  Now, about the mens' shirt.  What is the brand name pretty please?  It looks fab on you!

  7. I love the last photo it looks classy and elegant. I am a pajama baby and the boxy jacket if it is comfortable go for it.
    I agree with Megan, fashion bloggers (like us) in different size and forms are more likely more appealing now than those pencil thin models. Happy New Year Patti!

  8. Don't get me started!  I used to find More innocuous and now I find it revolting. I hate all the do's and don'ts and the fact that a magazine for older women rarely shows a woman with gray hair. And the covers are so airbrushed that the women on them don't even look human. Aaargh!
    You look great in a man's shirt and I'm sure you're gorgeous in flannel, orange and tights with sandals as well.

  9. Orange is a no-no?  No boxy jackets?  No men's shirts?  All of these are perfectly fine.  And no flannel nighties?  If there is company and fun to ensue, the nighty comes off anyway!   Boo "More"!

  10. I hate these kinds of lists! And I think long flannel nightgowns are really romantic, mysterious… Kind of like some movies' ghosts, I love the aesthetic. I like your take on Husband Anything too.

  11. I don't think it's wrong or unfashionable to wear any of the above.  I consider the shoes pictured as shoes, not sandals .. so .. tights are perfectly acceptable.  I don't wear a flannel nightgown only because the darn thing will end up around my waist and that makes me cold .. lol.


  12. Patti, I have to confess to wearing flat sandals with socks – there I've said it.  I know, it's the 12 step programme for me.

  13. Love it!  I agree with you about the boxy jackets and menswear and my young best friend goes insane when I wear socks with sandals…(worse than tights!)  

  14. Great post, Patti! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am tired of all these silly rules. 
    I agree with you on every point. 

  15. I'll go with the borrowing items from my husband.I've done it a million times and I always had a great result. I'm not sure about boxy jackets though.My body frame can't take them.But all in all we make the rules!!!

  16. Patti,
    I'm glad I didn't read that article.  I would have been to depressed to change out of the men's flannel shirt I'm currently lounging in!  I have broken all of these rules except the tights with sandals. 

  17. I'm OK with stockings with open-toes if the back of the shoe is closed.  If both toe and heel are open I feel like it's summer and legs should be bare.  I've had good experiences with self-tanners so I can say that because I know my legs won't be too pale. 

    I don't currently own any pleated pants but I imagine there are some out there that are flattering to particular figures.  My thought is that if you wore pleated pants in the 80s (and are now 20+ years older) and want to keep wearing them it's probably wise to look for them in a modern silhouette.  What was flattering 20 years/pounds ago can't be counted on for now == even if you can get them buttoned.

  18. LOL. Did they say anything about white after Labor Day? I loved your look with your hubby's shirt. and I hate the boxy shrunken jacket look. They look like they're too small!

  19. All we can do is laugh, right?  I agree that More Magazine definitely targets a "younger" demographic.  It's all relative, isn't it.  A shrunken jacket?  Right about now at this weight, all my jackets are "shrunken" and very uncomfortable!!  Orange?  Guess they haven't seen Judith!  And I grinned when you commented on your friend in the bedroom.  And yes, you look fabulous in that white shirt. 

  20. Happy New Year!

    I'm always looking for the next perfect boy friend jacket … consignment is the perfect place.  I just bought a long flannel night gown … it gets cold in Bend Oregon.  Oh, I never wear orange because it clashes with the red in my complexion.  Don't have a man, therefore no man fashion.  The worst of all?  I have been known to don a dark pair of socks with my Teva sandals (with jeans.)

  21. NO More faux NOs say I.
    We can wear whatever we want.
    Well, unless one has an office dress code, which I don't, thank goodness.
    This: "I have a friend in the bedroom already, and it's not my nightwear." cracked me up big time!

    I can't wait to share my Visible post. It's stellar!

  22.  Well, a woman's got to have *some* fashion boundaries she won't cross!  : >

  23. I love boxy jackets because I am built like a box! So boxy fits me better than the proverbial fitted jackets. Stocking in sandals I think it looks so much better than ankle socks."Orange you glad I wear orange", is my mantra.  I have been thinking about wearing my husbands oxford shoes if only they were my size……

  24. My niece (25) was helping her mother wrap a long belt on her new coat. The belt wrapped around her waist almost twice. I suggested tying it, and my niece said, "That's so ghetto." But I just can't take fashion advice from someone who wears sweats with Juicy on the butt.

    To each his own, and make your own rules. 

  25. I guess I am one big NO-NO…I love my boyfriend jackets.  I also hold high the banner of the fitted jacket…but I would not call the boxy ones a mistake.  I have worn my husband's ties…wish I could fit into his clothes!!  And orange is one of my absolute wear colors for me…I will not ever put it on the shelf.  I think magazines need to spend more time on blogs!

  26. I think your shirt looks adorable with that skirt!  I do agree with the boxy jacket no-no- at least for me.  I love fitted jackets.  They give me a waistline.  I also say no-no to any padded shoulders.

  27. I come from a background in women's fashion magazines and remember having to write this kind of thing. Agree with Megan, it's a blogger's world. There are no rules! And I like stockings with sandals and the husband/boyfriend look.

  28. More hilarious rules! Any of us might dislike some or all of the "no-nos" listed, but people can wear what they like, and surely we have all seen bloggers breaking rules here, there and everywhere and looking fabulous doing so! Colours, shapes, styles, quirks of taste – they are all there for individuals to enjoy. Ahhh, maybe that's the issue here. Fashion editors aren't very interested in individuals who do their own thing. They like sheep who spend money every month on their magazines. And more money on what the editors decide is allowed each season… Bloggers are a far more discerning and independent-thinking crowd!
    Looking great in your man's shirt, Patti! I am off to find my orange dress, in an act of defiance and rebellion! xxxxx

  29. Yeah, what Megan said. On the rare occasions I buy a fashion mag these days, I am reminded why it is that I so much prefer personal style blogs.

    I can understand having trouble on an individual level with some of these no-nos, but just broadly condemning a colour, or a silhouette based upon…who knows what? You've got to be kidding.

  30. Think I broke at least sixteen of those in the last week. Totally agree with leggings as pants and the musical qualities of corduroy though! Totally disagree with the one about orange ( especially considering the amazing outfit they showed with it) and with tights and sandals. I would even go so far as to say socks and sandals rock! But that may just be me!

  31. The world needs more orange!!!!! I know it is the most disliked color to wear, especially with men, but its only COLOR!
    Thanks for sharing these silly rules, Pam and you totally rock that mans shirt!

  32. The world needs more orange!!!!! I know it is the most disliked color to wear, especially with men, but its only COLOR!
    Thanks for sharing these silly rules, Pam and you totally rock that mans shirt!

  33. Pleated pants can (and do!) look amazing. I love the look of cropped pleated pants with heels and a fitted oxford shirt. It is also kind of sad how much fashion editors obsess over what other people are wearing.

  34. I shall quickly correct my egregious fashion errors and start dressing like a fem-bot (the kind from Austin Powers, that is!). BWA-HA-HA! You look awesome in that man's shirt with pencil skirt.

  35. Haaha – here I am wearing ORANGE, in all of its glory (m'kay so I cheated a little as it was a required color out in the field).  Even so, I LOVE this jacket – it is lined in a chocolate brown plush, was a thrift shop find and is so, so warm.  


    Stockings with sandals – absolutely!  Gotta agree with Megan who commented "Fashion rags are losing."  So true, bloggers rule the fashion world!

    Men's clothes – heck yeah, esp. the collared shirt … and don't throw out those boxy jackets.  I'll never part with my Levi's denim jacket.  

  36. Love my boyfriend jacket, just recently did a post borrowing my husband's sweaters, would wear same color hose as shoe with a peep toe, and wore orange skinny jeans on my blog today…. I wouldn't change any of it regardless of  a fashion magazines opinion…

  37. I'll never wear orange. I'm a black-and-gold Vanderbilt fan and orange is the color of Tennessee's other SEC school (which shall remain nameless). 🙂

  38. Fashion rags are losing. It's a bloggers world out there and I think we're re-writing all the rules. 

    I'm appalled at 'orange' being a no-no – especially since it was the color of the year for 2012! It's only just been booted for emerald for 2013. I highly doubt all those orange frocks are disappearing anytime soon. 

    Thanks for the shout-out, Patti! 

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