What I Wore: Tulle, No Teacup

I really like the tulle-and-teacup theme that invaded the fashion blogosphere last Fall. I didn’t participate, but I enjoyed fabulous blogger friends like Melanie and Curtise in their tulle finery.

Melanie of Bag and a Beret is mesmerizing in tulle and teacup
Curtise of The Secondhand Years is dreamy in tulle and teacup.

I did not achieve mesmerizing or dreamy, sigh. But I do rock this little tulle skirt from Isaac Mizrahi for Target. I picked it up on eBay for under $10 and I’ve been wearing the dickens out of it. I wore it in the warmer months with tee shirts and now I’m adding tights, boots and a pretty scarf (also eBay’ed).

Who was in charge of bringing me tea??

Have you worn/would you wear a tulle skirt? And what’s in your teacup?  : >

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  1. I read this post and this in the evening we went to see the play "Seussical." One of the characters, Gertrude, laments that her tail only has one feather, and thinks that Horton, the elephant, isn't attracted to her because of her sorry tail.  The actress wears a tulle skirt with one sorry ruffle drooping down, to symbolize her tail.

    She goes to a doctor, who looks a lot like the cat-in-the-hat, and he gives her a pill, to restore her tail.  The next time we see her she's dragging around a tulle tail as long as the stage.

    In the end she loses the tail and comes to Horton's rescue.  Horton, being a guy, finally appreciates her.

    I think if I wore that tulle skirt that I'd have the pill in my teacup.  I'm not sure drinking it would solve my problems!

  2. lolzzzz
    I always think I look like the dancing hippo from Fantasia when I put on a tulle skirt, too!!!!  Too funny you said the same thing.  
    Patti– I love it with the boots now and with a tee in the summer…  That is how I would style mine.  I am on the look out for the perfect one.  Harder to find since I am larger.  You are so slim you could pull off any number of tulle skirts.  
    I loved all the tulle & tea posts everyone was doing.  When I finally find the right skirt I'm going to do one, too.  

  3. What a gorgeous skirt! Looks like it would go with anything! I don't own one sadly, but would love to.

  4.  Your pretty skirt is the one I would wear. Not a white one, never a pink-colored. But a black or dark green or dark red I would like and I would wear it with leggins.  I love your combi with boots and a scarf.

  5. No I don't wear a tulle skirt. One black lacy Escada skirt that I wore to the wedding of our Goddaughter comes close though. But I would never wear it in winter. For me, having studied fashion, certain fabrics go for spring/summer and others go for fall/winter. There are people however that never can distinguish the seasons' differences. What is in my teacup? Real green tea and pure without sugar. Hugs to you and enjoy your new surroundings. 

  6. what's better than tulle and feeling like a ballerina???  Love yours!
    Happy new year~

  7. I have wanted a tulle skirt forever, but haven't found one I like in my budget
    Love these looks

  8. Love your outfit!!  I'm planning on making myself a tulle skirt for spring!
    green kale juice is in  My teacup!!

  9. This was a fun post!  Happy to meet you (via the Rich Life…) I love the name of your blog.  I too love to read and write about styling in the middle years, and am enjoying fashion more than ever at 60!

  10. I have yet to find the tulle skirt of my dreams, but I'll keep looking. Yours is gorgeous.

  11. Thank you so much for the mention, Patti! As with all items and fabrics, there is always more than one way to wear tulle, and your version looks fabulous, chic and pretty and sexy.
    English breakfast tea for me, please. Milk, no sugar. Thanks! xxxx

  12. I don't know that I'd wear a tulle skirt.  I'm afraid it would fly up when I'm riding my bike and one of my New Year's Resolutions is to flash fewer schoolchildren.  I'm also not sure my hips and thighs would put up with being fluffy – they think they're more hard-core than all that.

    But, I loved it when Curtise wore it and I love it on you.

    Also, I'd have coffee in my tea cup.

    Happy New Year, Patti!


  13. Cute! The only tulle I've ever worn is my wedding dress. I'm too klutzy for such a light weight fabric. But I do adore how special it is! My favorite tea is the Valentine Tea from adagio (chocolate and strawberry black tea!) but if I'm being honest I mostly drink earl grey or pure peppermint (no actual tea leaves, just dried peppermint). 

  14. That's the last straw – your tea-bringer is fired! I have been eyeing your lovely tulle skirt every time you've worn it. It not only looks fantastic but you can wear it to work. When I saw my photo here I had a brain skip. LOL. I took a risk wearing tulle that first time but I am so happy I did. I wore it for a kitschy breakfast at Denny's on Christmas Day too.

  15. If I wore a tulle skirt I would look like the dancing hippo from Fantasia! You on the other hand look very chic. Love your scarf. You find such wonderful scarves on eBay. I can spend hours looking at them and not find anything that pretty.

  16. I do love the black tulle and shiny boots.  I do not think I would wear tulle for shopping or such. Maybe a party with certain friends, Your outfit is very cute.

  17. Very cute. You look great in yours but I don't think I could pull off a tulle skirt….not sure why. Maybe because I am so tall? 
    Love Melanie's style…off to check out Curtise! 

    In my teacup is coffee but it will soon be some detox tea from Kusmi! 

  18. I would definitely wear a skirt like yours. I think you styled it up totally wearable.
    My favorite tea right now is anything by Yogi. Especially their Detox Peach.

  19. Since I'm a new blogger, I sort of missed the whole tulle skirt phenomenon.  It's probably too fancy for me anyway 🙂

    I'm trying to cut down on my coffee binging .. so in my cup today I have Numi Organic toasted rice green tea.  It's the same tea you may get at a sushi restaurant. 

    But in all honesty ..  REALLY want a cup of coffee!!!


  20. Though I probably shouldn't … I have two or three tulle type skirts.  I make them work with longer slimming tops and my go-to boots!  No matter how old I grow I will not abandon the look. 

  21. Very cute skirt….you wear it so well…all you need is a teacup!!  My hips as they currently are do not wear the full skirt well…but I love to look at them!

  22. AAAH! the pleasures of being a woman.  How fun!   Not my thing, but I truly appreciate the look and how it must feel to wear it!

  23. Cute skirt!! I probably wouldn't wear a tulle skirt as I tend to find fuller skirts don't work with my proportions. But you look great in this silhouette, and it's fun to incorporate items like tulle and sequins and other materials that used to be for "dress up" only.

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