Moody Blues, Ethical Fashion, And A New Karina Dress

I’ve been wearing Karina Dresses for six years, and I’m still crazy for them: for comfort, flattery, ease of care, and personalized service. I love everything about this company, from their designs, to their ethics, and to their founder’s wonder-dog, Bodhi.

Karina dresses are “made in the Hudson Valley of New York, with love“. They flatter all our different body shapes and sizes, and are my go-to travel pieces. Karina Dresses is not fast fashion. They’re an ethically-sourced company that creates jobs for locals and gives generously to charities.

Today I’m swanning around in the Margaret Dress in Bonjour Blue. The three-quarter sleeves make this a year-round dress in the South. This swingy dress works for more dressy occasions too – just add some sparkly jewelry and mid-height heels. And one of my favorite things about packing a Karina dress: roll it in a ball, shake it out and wear it. You can wash them in the machine or the hotel sink, hang to dry and never iron. (What is “iron?”).

This terrific dress is part of the new Karina Moody Blue Collection. Go over there and check them out.

I believe naughty kitty has her head up my twirly skirts again.

Here’s the same Margaret dress, looking fab on a curvier woman. The color shown here is more accurate than my pictures.

Your accessories change up the look of a solid-color dress. Today I added a favorite bead necklace, crafted by my friend Suzanne Carillo. (Check out her fab vintage shop here). My Doc Martens boots in cognac add color and funk. In the Spring/Summer I’ll wear this dress with bare legs and wedge sandals.

 And here’s another version of the Margaret dress, with short sleeves and a modern geo print:

Are you a fan of shopping sustainable, or pre-loved, or ethically-sourced clothing?

Stay fabulous, and enjoy every sandwich, xo

Some sustainable, moody blue pieces to browse through:

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  1. This looks fabulous on you, and you’ve reminded me how my I love my Karina dress as well. No ironing! Swirling. All the good things!

  2. I browsed though their site. The brand is new to me and I like the ideas. I fell best in a chemise style now that my waist seems to be a thing of the past and all the looks I saw are very fitted through the midddle, though sometimes empire. I don’t want to wear a tent but a soft chemise that skims the body is my ideal silhouette. Any suggestions?

  3. This style reminds me of that classic Diane Von Furstenberg wrap style. So wearable by all figure types. The blue is lovely on you Patti.
    How’s your wrist feeling these days?

  4. those Karina dresses look so comfy&cool, and so fab that they’re wrinkle-proof! and flattering for different shapes!. But shipping costs and customs make them unsustainable for me! so sorry!
    You look gorgeous in your blue dress!, and twirling!!

  5. I own a Karina dress, and I absolutely love it. When I buy another dress, that’s where I’ll be looking! I love the quality of the dresses and the story behind it.

    You look fabulous in your new dress!

  6. You and Suzanne introduced these dresses to me last year and I have yet to get one for myself. But it IS on my wishlist of purchases, especially now that I know they are so eco-friendly. Plus, I love supporting businesses with a heart.

    The blue looks exquisite on you — such a great color.


  7. I love this bold blue on you.

    I’m a fan of Karina dresses as well. It is one of the very rare modern companies that I believe in.


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