Life Lessons From A Gorgeous 80+ Year Old Model

Here’s a short, cheery article from Vogue Australia: an interview with model and fashion icon Daphne Selfe. Ms. Selfe has been modeling for 60+ years and is still in demand by top fashion houses. Most of the questions in the article revolve around her fashion favorites, and taking good care of oneself with exercise and nutrition.

Daphne Selfe modeling in the 1950’s.

My favorite exchange is about Ms. Selfe’s “secret” to success and longevity:

think I have been curious, positive, and am lucky to have good genes.  I
have always tried new things and never been afraid to experiment.  I
have been taught to have a professional attitude and good work ethic.
I’m always genuinely interested in every person I work with and I think
that helps too.”

The best take-away for me is curiosity. Keep learning new things, never be bored, read books and see films outside your favorites, travel when you can, pick up a new (or old) hobby. These habits make us feel engaged and more alive.

An example close to home: Sandy bought an old French horn on the streets of Soho (yes, he did) and is re-discovering his musical mojo at age 58. He was a good horn player back in the day and played with the Florida Symphony, but hadn’t played in 30 years. Not dead yet.

Bought at a flea market on Houston Street, and now a rediscovered passion.
Daphne Selfe: “Don’t be afraid to experiment.”

Stay curious and fabulous,

Browse some Daphne-inspired pieces:

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  1. Fabulous post! Daphne Selfe is a continual inspiration. I played the French horn too, and so excited to hear than Sandy is discovering this beautiful instrument once again.

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