What I Wore: How To Play With Monochrome

Monochrome looks can be severe and uniform-like. But they don’t have to be. I like to do monochromatic outfits with different shades of a single color, and one or two surprising elements. And wearing all solid pieces makes accessorizing easy and lets me repeat outfits more often.

Here is an outfit I wear to work at the thrift shop, or go to lunch with my sister, or grab a solo coffee at the bookstore. The knit top is via Old Navy (sim), and the men’s trousers (sim) were thrifted locally. Men’s trousers are great to thrift, they’re so abundant. They do tend to fit a little loosely in the front seam, however, ahem.

The saddle shoes (sim) were found at a favorite consignment shop. I am not sure they’re staying in my closet as they give a bit of a costume-y feel. If you’re a size 9-ish and like them, let me know and we’ll work something out. The jewelry (sim, sim) was thrifted and/or gifted, forgive my fading memory!


The unexpected elements here are the saddle shoes and turquoise stone bracelet. I think I’d like my Cydwoq booties (sim) better.

PicMonkey Collage

Add a businesslike jacket (sim) or a wild and colorful kimono duster (sim) for a different look.

Do you like to dress in a single color head to toe? And would you like to own some saddle shoes?

Stay fabulous,

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  1. I love your monochrome style ! – I often wear one of my Looking Glass Necklaces with monochrome colors. I’ll add a 10% discount to anyone who mentions your blog post in their order. Happy Thanksgiving ! Wendra
    http://www.ArtByWendra.com “LOOKING GLASS” Fashion + Function = Fabulous!

  2. Suzanne’s right, grey looks fantastic on blondes. That jumper looks fab. I love vintage men’s evening trousers with the side braiding, I used to wear a pair I’d cut into city shorts for work, I loved them. xxx

  3. Grey always looks great on blonds and you are a shining example.

    I like monochromatic because it makes me look taller. Anything with that magic power is always tops in my book.

    It would seem that everyone likes the shoes but you.

    Sign up for a swing class, the shoes would be perfect.


    • I’d love to learn to swing dance. Sandy won’t go, but I bet I could find another solo person, yeah?

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