It’s Hot! It’s Cold! Thrifting Saves The Day

Always be prepared (or always have a thrift shop nearby) when traveling. Temperatures in New York City dropped from 88 to 65 in a day. I packed for mostly warm weather, and got surprised.

This linen dress from GAP via eBay was perfect for the heat.
Posing on quaint Minetta Street, where I would like to have an apartment, thanks!
When the cold front comes through, head to the vintage and thrift shops!
This one on Greenwich Avenue had the grooviest collection of men’s 1940’s silk ties.
Stop at historic Bigelow Drugs, established 1838, for extra lip balm. There were about 60 brands to choose from.
I stumbled upon a charming, layered-to-the-ceilings shop of Indian goods. Bought a funky ring
and a warm wrap for the changing weather.
And for our evening out, I wore a newly-thrifted Benetton sweater with my red jeans and
old faithful second-hand booties. Thrifting saves the day, again.

Have a joyful day, and stay fabulous,

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  1. WOW! What a quick flip. You look uttery cool and chic. But I hear you on the temp swings. They happen often, add in air conditioning (and broken a/c) and life in the South is a dressing guessing game.

  2. Looks like alot of fun Pam!! I wish I had energy and could stand for long periods to thrift shop. Glad you are having a good time. I love both outfits, you cool black dress, and your red pants! lookin great

  3. You have so much fun in NY and genuinelly enjoy it. You look so different in the last photo with your hair up and the glasses. You rock your red pants!

  4. Loving all your NYC posts. Great shots. You look totally fab in that dress. So chic!

  5. You look fabulous, Patti – whatever the weather! Good to see you rocking those red jeans, the vintage shop looks most intriguing, and obviously a change in temperature is the perfect rationale for a bit of thrift shopping! xxx

  6. You look wonderful! I like picking up items in a thrift shop while travelling too and it is often something to help cope with cooler weather than expected. I love the sweater and red jeans combination!

  7. Hairspray, lots of it : > And the second pic was taken on the "cold" day, when it's easy to get straight.

  8. You look great in the trouser outfit and I love your hair up.

  9. So cool! So chic! Looks like a wonderful trip in spite of the unpredictable weather!

  10. Look at you all sexy and sleek! You'd fit right in with the chic in NYC : )


  11. That's quite a temperature swing! Love the red pants and glad you were able to source a jacket.

  12. I love your thrifted sweater…that was a great look to come up with quickly! Looks like such a quaint, wonderful neighborhood!

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