In Love With A (Suitable for Midlife) Pretty Dress

I don’t go out “fancy” for New Year’s Eve, at least I haven’t for over a decade. But who doesn’t love a pretty dress? As a woman of a certain age, I prefer my dressy dress to show my shape rather than a lot of skin. I like a hemline to the knee (your mileage may vary), a little detail and/or a luxurious fabric. Although I am devoted to black everythings, I like non-black for a special dress. And anything that calls out Mother of the Bride is out of contention.

Here are some of my favorites from a slideshow at Elle Magazine, “50 Musts: Holiday Party Dresses.” There are so many just-plain-gorgeous choices, so take a look. None of these from the slideshow is in my actual budget, but they guide my eye.

I just swoon over the color of this Reiss emerald dress,
and the slim shape. It could be a day dress as well.
The embellishment makes this Moschino Cheap and Chic (so not cheap!) dress special.
This sparkly frock by Reiss is actually sage green. Love the neckline and waist detail!
This Tory Burch lace sheath has just the right amount of “floof” for my tastes.
Gorgeous color too.

And here are a few festive, age-friendly dresses that are affordable:

Fabulous neckline draws attention to your fabulous face. Xscape dress, $99
My guy did not like this one – too shapeless, he said. But I
like the change of pace, the rich fabric and the color. Jones New York, $94
No black, she said! But this sequined, wrap beauty by Michael Kors is too
pretty and classic to leave out. And just $90.

I’d love to hear what your fancy dress looks like!

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  1. First i like the first dress and the shapeless like your guy said
    My fancy dress would be like your taste, i know i'm over the top most of the time but i like classy as well but always colorful!

  2. Gorgeous frocks that work well for any celebration.  Happy Holidays to you and your beloved! 

  3. I can really see you in the Xscape dress, gorgeous colour. Hope you had a happy Christmas and best wishes for the holidays. I'm be in off the shoulder black velvet, provided I haven't eaten so much turkey it no longer fits!

  4. each of it is marvellous but when i would have to choose i would take the one your husband does not like. i love that maidenly cut and the silver shade. up to now i do not know what i will wear on turn of the year. probably a more comfy dress because we will have a dinner for two at home.

  5. My fave is the one your hubs hated. But my pic for you is the gorgous lace frock with the great waist detail. I can soooo see you rock that frock! Happy New Years, dear Patti-cakes!

  6. I indulged in a fancy dress (at 40% off!) for pre-Christmas dos. It's 1920's influenced but with waist on the waist. Black lace over nude with long swinging fringes all over (making the hemline a lot more decorous). I wore it with a cardigan over to make it weather appropriate (and hide my icky upper arms). Also a lovely soft burgandy fake fur neck piece. 

  7. I will be wearing the one I wore last year. It is purple with a bubble skirt.
    I love this selection.

  8. All beautiful dresses! I would give my left arm for that green (and I'm afraid I'd have to to afford it). I don't own any truly fancy dresses. I don't ever have reason to wear a semi-formal style dress. I do alright with my casual ones or a sweater and pants.

  9. My taste runs a little more eccentric than these, although they are all lovely and I'd swoon if I found any in a thrift or consignment store! 

    My New Year's Eve outfit will be pretty over-the-top! I'm excited!

  10. That green dress is so classic! Very modern-day Scarlet O'Hara! =)

  11. Patti….I agree with ever point you make about special occasion dresses.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Xscape dress.  Everything about it calls my name.  Simply gorgeous.  The black  sequined Kors dress is pretty too.

  12. You chose wonderful dresses!
    Following you on GFC! It will be awesome if you check my blog. 🙂

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  13. I'm sitting here contemplating my New Year's outfit as we speak!  I'll be in Denver since Joey is playing there (and yes, I'll see Judith-hurray!!).  Thanks for the dress inspiration.

  14. Beautiful selections, Patti!  I actually sighed over the emerald dress!  I still am not really sure what I am wearing to the wedding this weekend…I am waiting to see how warm it is…but, I will not go out on New Year's…I will be relaxing!

  15. What gorgeous options!  That simple emerald one is divine!  -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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