I’m A Lazy Little Scarfer . . .

. . . but I can do most of these! Here’s a useful roundup of scarf stylings, that I found at Tip Junkie. The same article contains instructions on how to sew scarves (yes! people do that!). These styles look do-able and are a step up from my usual toss-around-the-neck-and call-it-a-day scarves.


Some of them look like duplicates, but I really like the pussy-bow idea in #2. The double wrap in #7 is chic and cozy, ditto #8. I’m not a fan of the point-in-the-front look (#1 and #9); it’s too Country and Western for me. I’ll often pull a #10 when taking a bike ride, for warmth, but it’s a lovely look for work too.

These are not the artistic looks one finds at the Hermes site (fabulous slide show!) but they cover about 80% of my scarfy-needs. How about you? Are you elementary, like me, or more advanced?

Oh, hey, Visible Monday is back for Monday December 31st! Everyone is welcome to participate!

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  1. So months ago, on your blog, I got the scarf "itch". I then bought scarves. Many scarves actually. But I have yet to style them. I am using this guide for help, I don't know why I am so scarf challenged. Thanks Patti. ūüôā

  2. I love to wear scarfs and try to mix up the way I wear them, but sometimes it is just a quick toss around and loop.  Thanks for the inspiration

  3. I adore seeing all the different ways to tie scarves but it seems like mine never turn out the way I want them to. I admire those who make it look so effortless. My favorite way of all is the pretzel method. It just looks good every time.

  4. I would love to be advanced, but have a long way to go..  Thanks for the Hermes site and see you on the 31st!  

  5. Love #2 and #7
    I pretty much always do the 4 in hand scarf tie, it's easy and versitile
    Have a great weekend

  6. Oh, count me in the just-fling-one-end-over-the-shoulder group! I recently learned (and promptly forgot) a scarf tie for a specific triangular beaded scarf Рall these kinds of instructions just slide right off my brain and I'm always short on time! 

  7. I must admit that I am a baby when it comes to scarves- no talent at all. I just wind and flip. But so many women wear them with Olympian style. I do like a good old kerchief tied under the chin though.

  8. So many options! I only use number 9 and number 11. What I also like is number 7 and as of late i have a so called loop – a scarf with no ends.

  9. I usually make them up as I go, depending on the fabric and the length. I just twist, wrap, or tie. Sometimes it's hard to get them undone!

  10. All absolutely gorgeous scarves. I want the first one with a passion. Ah well.. I'm a toss and go scarf person. I know about 3 knots and if they don't work, well I fumble it together and call it good. 

  11. Ah, the pointy tip ones are bringing me back to the 80s! I normally just fling my scarf over my shoulder or wrap it around my neck a few times – call it lazy chic! – but it's nice to see something more formalised. And yes, you're right about the Hermes thing: I was given my first Hermes scarf this Christmas, and it came with a lovely set of cards showing the various ways to tie it!

  12. I'm elementary like you. I can't be bothered with complicated scarf knots and such. I like #8 and #9. The cowboy tie is one of my favorites. 

    Thinking about what to wear for the next Visible Monday….I'll see you then! Happy Friday!¬†

  13. I'm definitely elementary.  These are pretty options!  -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  14. Thank you for this post, Patti!  I also love the number 2 look and I'm going to give it a try!  Have a happy New Year!

  15. Cute diagram! I find that lately I'm staying away from the more fussy scarf ties. But I do like to arrange scarves in a way that they stay put. I've often been tying ends of a long scarf together to make a DIY infinity, which is easy-peasy.

  16.  That's cool, Heather! I made one too from a regular scarf and was pleased with the outcome  : >

  17. I agree with you on number 2, Patti!  I will have to give that a try!  Have a joyous New Year's Weekend!

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