I’m A Sucker For An Octopus: Visible Monday

I’m a sucker for an octopus and groovy retro trousers. I’ve always been a sucker (heh) for an octopus. In my scuba diving days, it would be a thrill to see one – they are notoriously shy. Also beautiful and intelligent, so please don’t eat them.

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This cool graphic tee is how I like to honor the sea creature. I forgot where the tee came from, perhaps Society 6, a very cool art-meets-commerce site. The striped trousers by Topshop were found on eBay and they are so much fun to wear. They swoosh around my legs, love that.

retro trousers

I love to dress like this for any day in this casual phase of my life. Show a bit of personality, stay completely at ease with nothing too tight or squeeze-y. Hair unruly as per always? Pop on a hat. 😊

retro trousers
High-waist trousers are surprisingly comfortable; I had forgotten! The familiar gladiator sandals are from Sofft, and cotton bowler hat from My Sister’s Closet in Vancouver. Thrifted blazer is by Trina Turk.

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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  1. Awesome outfit, Patti. You look New York ready! The stripes make your legs look a mile long (or 1.609 km heh). And gotta love that wide leg and high waist. Swish swish, the sound of a wide leg. Very good.

    • Thank you Penny! And thanks for linking up – your post about your beloved cardigan made me smile today. xox

  2. Hey, Patti! To answer your question about the Avengers movie: If you’ve seen the other movies (esp. the first half of this one, which came out last year), then yes, it’s worth the 3-hour sit. The movie is well-paced for the most part, and flies by. It didn’t feel like 3 hours until I got up and was all stiff from sitting motionless for that long! I liked it, but it’s not a standalone.

    • Thanks for the review. I’ve seen almost all the previous, but I still get confused with the back-stories. I think I’ll go with Sandy, and if my butt can’t take it, I can leave and go thrifting for an hour : >

    • Thank you, Suzanne – you know how to give a right-on compliment! (NYC, get ready for me). Have a lovely day, xox.

  3. Thanks for the linkup. I love the tee shirt and don’t like eating octopus. One day I would like to try scuba diving though – sounds very cool. Jacqui Mummabstylish

    • Thanks Jacqui and thank you for linking up. Yes, do try scuba if you can, it’s incredible. xox

    • Thank you Suzanne. You and your team look fabulous in florals today! xox

    • Thank you dear Vix. Your new caftans are completely gorgeous, and you wear them better than Liz Taylor! xox

    • Hi Cheryl! It’s so wonderful to see you again. And looking fab in your tee dress. xox

    • Agreed, Kim. You look happy and relaxed while catching some rays! xox

  4. You look both cool and sassy in your ensemble today, Patti. And I agree with your sentiment: don’t eat octopi.

  5. What a fun outfit! I love the tee with the striped pants! And hats are always perfect for unruly hair!

    • Thank you Mireille – and I hope your trip is fabulous in every way! xox

    • Thank you Shelbee. Love your red dress and funky pendant! My birthday is in May too : > xox

  6. what a lovely outfit and lovely attitude!, love a casual&cool style, the swooshy pants and the cute t-shirt! I think you look gorgeous!

    • Thank you, Senora! We are both enjoying the colorful trousers today, xox.

  7. I always think it is so funny that animale are shy! They say that about Cats too! Can you believe it? Mine aren t shy at all!

    • Yes, that is a funny way to describe a sea creature – most of them are VERY shy of humans! Thanks for linking up and stay fabulous, xox.

    • “All we are saying, is give bees a chance” : > Thanks for linking up, and for the lovely shout-out in your blog! You’re always relevant! xox

    • Thanks so much Carmen, for the compliments and for the information on Sea Shepherd – I will be checking them out asap. xox

    • Good morning, Nicole! Yes I love the cats and the octopus too – sounds like you are a fan as well! xox

    • Thanks Heather for all your kind words and for linking up. Have a great week ahead! xox

  8. Yes Patti,
    So much personality to the self it. I also love those striped trousers. Anything that is too tight it’s just not fun to wear.
    I never thought about octopus in that way. I think I will never eat them again. A long and growing list! LOL.
    Have a wonderful day and week.

    • So true about the too-tight clothing, Elle. Your gold maxi dress is stunning, as are you! xox

    • Yes, these swooshy pants would look great in your wardrobe too, Sheila! Thanks for linking up, xox.

  9. You find the coolest things, Patti! Love the octopus tee and fun story. Scuba diver, huh? SO adventurous. Thanks for sharing.
    xx Darlene

    • Thank you, Darlene! We are both rocking the high-waist, wide leg trousers today and looking darn good! xox

  10. I am obsessed with octopus everything… mainly because my 6 year old son is! I’d love to have that tee shirt, and the styling totally suits you. Swishy pants for the win! xx

    • Oh how sweet that your son has a fondness for octopi! Your golden maxi dress is just gorgeous. xox

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