If I Were A Rich (Wo)Man . . .

The song from Fiddler on the Roof will now ear-worm me for 24 hours! If I had big money, of course I hope I would try to do big good with it. For this moment I am just thinking about dreamy fall clothing that I would never pay full retail for . . but would love to see hanging in my closet tomorrow morning.

I picked Anthropologie for my little fantasy, because, well, look at this:

From the latest catalog: deep teal kimono coat, jeweled bib necklace, abstract floral knit dress and Clark Kent’s head in my lap. Any questions?

Here are a few pieces that make me smile. While I could technically afford them (I would not lose my house), I would not sleep, thinking about what I could/should have done with the $$$. So in the spirit of looking at Greenwich Village two-bedroom lofts, may I share:

A gorgeous dress from the front, yes?
Look at the back!!
Just the right amount of elaboration
So simple and beautiful

Beautiful things are found at all price-points. But it is fun to cast our eyes on the pricier ones every now and then, and appreciate them  – without having to own them all.

Visible Monday Reminder:  Monday August 15th is Visible Monday, a group posting for anyone who’d like to participate. The simple guidelines are here. Basically, just post something that makes you feel wonderful/visible, and link to it via my Monday post. Easy and fun.

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  1. I agree!  I love Anthro and especially love all of your picks!  That dress is fab and the shoes, oh the shoes.

  2. Hello, twins – I love your blog, it is so beautifully photographed. Thanks for coming by.

  3. Hi Ginger – yes the stores have a really colorful, artsy vibe, don't they? They should serve tea.  : >

  4. I love that dress, the kimono blouses and about half the shoes in the catalog.

    It's all way more money than I'd pay for most anything and my lifestyle doesn't really lend itself to that kind of stuff.  So after looking it all over it's into the circular file.  You can check the web site because they do put stuff on sale, even then it's pricey.

    I like going into their stores.  Some of the displays are downright artful. 

  5. Yes, that outfit is so lovely. I am saving for the loft; I only have $1.5 million to go  : >

  6. Agreed, Pam, it's a bit of a fantasy. But it puts a smile on our faces  : >

  7. Yes! Come back to VM! You look wonderful in red, so I think this dress would be perfect for you.

  8. Yes, you can find good sales in the stores, good point! Their shoes are TDF.

  9. Everything you selected here is fabulous…I love the dress and the shoes.  Ah…how wonderful it would be to shop without money concerns…not the world most of us live in…but it is fun to dream!!

  10. Ooh that last comment is from That's Not My Age – not quite sure what happened there!

  11. Love the outfit in the first photo – the floral dress and loose jacket –  so elegant. I'm working on the Visible Monday idea (and the loft in Greenwich Village!)

  12. I so would love a couple metres of the material from that Anthro dress! sigh!
    Your picks are always so lovely!

  13. It's a gorgeous dress!  Yes, to Clark Kent's head!  Hope to be back to Visible Monday this coming week!

  14. I'm thinking of the fall stuff too; and boy I love the Anthropologie catalog!!!  The photos are really great and I love their shoes too.   You can find cheaper stuff in the store usually.  Ahh, we can dream!

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