I Can’t Live Without My . . .

Well, seriously, we could live without it, but we wouldn’t care to. I’m talking about a favorite grooming/beauty product that we would give up only with bitter, salty tears.

I like to view myself as a fairly “natural” looking person, but a brief look at my bathroom cabinet squashed that idea. It’s not overly-full, and far from overly-expensive. But it takes a few tubes and jars and bottles to get the “natural” look that I aspire to.

As for the can’t-live-withouts, though, I’ll allow myself three. Then I am eager to hear from you about your beloved products!

  1. Retin-A. I have been using this since I was about 28. Back then, for acne. Now, I do believe it works wonders on wrinkles and age spots. One of the few skin products that actually has worked, no hype! (And it is not advertised on 14 year old models, promising a “youthful glow”.)
  2. Suave body lotions. Mostly the Vitamin E and Firming formulations, though I suspect they are all the same. These are cheap and really do keep my body skin moisturized. I feel all lizard-y without them.
  3. Leave-in conditioner. I love my curly hair. But without a little product, oh boy, it’s a snarly mat. Any brand of leave-in conditioner will do, but I like one with a pretty fragrance. Right now I’m using TIGI’s Let It Be Almond Cherry.

Honorable mention: Without them, I would be so blue: mascara and blush, and pinky lipstick.

OK, I would love to hear from you. What would you stash away if the grooming sheriff came to confiscate all the goods?

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  1. 1. My Lazartique Straightening gel (discontinued, as all my favorite products are).  The new version has dimethicone in it, which gives me breakouts, but the old version gives my curls shine and bounce and detangling.  I bought every tube I could find when they changed it, I have three left.

    2. My Kiss My Face Toner.  One of the few with witch hazel and no alcohol, I use it instead of a cleanser and with a little glycerin added as a moisturizer.

    3. Carmex.  It is wonder in a little pot.

  2. Red lipstick and mascara! I have curly hair too so some sort of leave in conditioner for curly too. Nice to meet you and thank you for your comments on my blog!

  3. Hi Patti, thanks for your lovely comments!
    As for my comments for your posting i would say i can not live without my day / night cream- my essential oils – my mascara – my blush – I recently received a fabulous gift a day / night cream for Luzern Laboratories of Switzerland it works wonders –  i will be hooked soon on the cream! take care – Ariane xx

  4. If you promise not to tell, I get my Retin A from an online pharmacy: AllDayChemist.  : >

  5. i use retin A as well, i've been using it for a long time and it works a wonder! i have so many products i can't live without!!! my makeup kit for example. my face-wash-products. My mascara. my perfumes! ok, i'll better stop now!

    jos xx

  6. Well, I have a close relationship with my face moisturizer and this summer, I've had one with my tube of Natural Glow.  Most of the makeup languishes, unused, though I do carry a lip balm around with me.

    My one attempt to use a retina-A product actually resulted in skin beginning to peel around my eyes!  Yikes.

  7. I'd say:
    My Glysolid hand cream – it's the only way t heal my cracked hands during the weekend.
    My Bottega Verde base polish: it's good in its own, and it's a good base and top coat
    My Body Shop tea tree oil: I don't use it every day, but when I have a zit, I put it on at night and in the morning I am all set!

  8. I was all ready to reply and then I read some of the comments and now I feel intimidated and very shallow, but I will press on…..
    For me the list keeps getting longer, starts with my Pericone moisturizer, a little bare minerals, some blush, concealer, eye shadow and mascara *sigh*   

  9. Oh dear, there are SO many!  If I had to choose 3, they would be:  1) gel eyeliner, because only eyeliner makes my eyes look bright/awake, and only gel stays put; 2) blush, because now that I've learned how to use it, I feel sickly without it; and 3) hair gel.  Because without it, I look like the crazy, unkempt lady who you avoid on the street.

  10. Hmmmmm, mine would have to be Aveeno moisturizer for one.  I have sensitive skin, so this works great for me.  CO Bigelow lipgloss from Bath and Body Works and soon to get a new bottle of my FAVORITE perfume, Mademoiselle Co Co!  Love it!  ~Serene

  11. I think for  me…it is my OLAY PRO X TIghtening cream…I really love the results and it feels like an instant face lift!!

  12. Can't go out without my facial sun block!  My current favorite is Neutrogena's Oil-Free Moisture SPF 35.  I like it because it's two steps into one, and every other facial sunblock I've tried leaves me shiny.

  13. If I could only have one thing it would be sunblock. For make-up I would need my Almay smart shade anti-aging tinted moisturizer. It has spf 20 and lightly takes out some of the pink in my skin. I go out without make-up a lot. Just to stay humble. 🙂

    ps where do you get Retin-A?

  14. I have recently fallen in love with Vaseline. I have developed some atopic dermatitis, especially an intermittent patch on my left upper eyelid–eww–and it works almost overnight to heal it up–I have discovered it to be a decent eyecream! It also fixes cuticles, dry legs, lips, of course….

    I second Retin A. I used it in my 30s for persistent acne, but stopped when I started to develop some rosacea–which I now believe is just atopic dermatitis. A new derm put me back on it and a Clarisonic brush and my skin hasn't looked this good since I was twelve!

    I also love my Neutrogena Healthy Defense sunscreen with Purescreen—keeps the sun and sunspots away, and gives some brightening (I cut the whitish cast with some tinted powder).

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