I Like This “Capsule”

I have a Capsule Wardrobe only in my style dreams. I love to look at them and read about them, but I’ll never have the discipline/temperament to actually live by one. I like an organized closet but I also like thrifting and experimenting.

But I really, really appreciate this one from Omiru, even though it’s several years old, and for a colder climate than mine:

I just like the way this all works. Source.

I’d switch out the two trousers for skirts and the cold weather coats for blazers, and have a really fab winter wardrobe (at least in my head!) Why does this grouping appeal so much?

  • It looks modern without being too trendy.
  • Incorporates classics (white shirt, pencil skirt), and wild cards (rose-print tee).
  • Lots of layering potential.
  • Shots of color to enliven the neutrals.
  • It all looks so wearable and suited for a casual but stylish life.

Do you like? What might you switch?

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  1. I like the proposals but I would switch one coat to a pretty colored dress and instead of the white blouse I would prefer a brown or black with a small pattern. I'm not able to create a capsule wardrobe, too many things take my mind of while thrifting. But whenever I'm packing for a holiday I wish I would be able to.

  2. I love that capsule because of the variation in bright colors. So many capsules seem to choose a much narrower palette and I would feel to confined. This one leaves the door wide open for lots of variety.

  3. Oh Patti, you perfectly captured my precise thoughts and feelings about capsule wardrobes!  I love looking at and reading about them; but I also like the thrifting, and I personally do not have the discipline to stay on task with a capsule.  

  4. I think this is a great set. I'd swap out a coat for a dress and another for a jacket. I really only need one heavy coat – not three! I'd also drop the sweatervest (they're not me) and add in more skirts.

  5. In my 'Capsule Dream', and remembering that I Live in the tropics, I would take out the vest, a couple of the jackets, and pop in another dress, skirt and shell…

  6. I'd have at least one other cardigan – I like layers that I can remove when I get warm in the office. Plus, it could be buttoned up or belted if I didn't want to layer it.

  7. They are nice pieces, and I can see why you like them, Patti. There are too many neutrals and items I just don't wear, like jeans/trousers, for it to work well for me, but I love the coats and the brighter colours. A capsule wardrobe is just not possible for me, I'm afraid, I don't have the discipline! xxxx

  8. I really like this too and I need more practise planning one for myself. This is a great start for me in fact.
    My switches:
    1. combine the warm and day coat as a classic black coat and convert the blazer jacket into a short trench coat since I don't wear jackets much at all.
    2. make the cardigan a longer, softer open style
    3. sweatervest into a simple crew neck skinny cardigan
    4. the pattern shell into a classic polka dot blouse with short or cap sleeves
    5. casual trousers into a black pair

  9. I'm like you Patti, I love looking and dreaming about  Capsule wardrobes but I could NEVER discipline myself to be this thrifty and organized. I think I get bored too easily. Back to the question, I would swtich out the wide trousers for a pair of skinny capri's as well as the casual trousers for a skirt. I think I would probably switch out the day dress for a sheath or a nice knit dress with sleeves.

  10. I love this!!  Def switch out quite a few of those coats/jackets/cardis because of warmer weather and replace with tees (I live in them!) or more skirts. This is a good one because it looks like every item could be mixed– great versatility!  Still, I gotta have my wild card clothes for fun 😉

  11. I would probably switch several items here since like you, I am in warmer weather.  I like collared shirts for work, and skinnier, straight legs on my pants and denim.  There are some pieces here I think are great fun…the day coat and the dressier (rose) T look like extras I would like!

  12. I would switch the sweater vest to a faux fur as I don't typically wear sweater vests..  Like you capsules are something to be admired but I am a thrifter and experimenter. 

  13. I might switch to a different style cardigan.  I like the orange color but I'm not sure about the style.  Would it look as good unbuttoned as buttoned-up?

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