Visible Monday #81: Visible, Yet Demure . . . ?

Welcome to Visible Monday #81! If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the simple how-to.

Sometimes I like to whisper my Visibility. Today I am wearing soft colors and neutrals and I feel good. (And weather appropriate, as we’re having low 70’s for a cool spell!).

The pale blue mens’ shirt (thrifted) is by Yves Saint Laurent and it feels so great against my skin. Many mens’ shirts are made from wonderful cottons and cotton blends and they wear forever. Wash in the machine, dry on medium, and no ironing needed for this one.

The skirt is a cotton blend by MetroWear, fully lined and also wonderfully comfortable. The embellished belt and bronze boots were thrifted. It’s an easy look that combines my love of slouchy pieces with a defined waist, and a touch of sass (cowboy boots).

So ladylike, you’d never know about the tequila shots that followed.
I like menswear combined with feminine pieces. Oh hey, there’s Picasso looking
for a new spot in a new home.

 Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  2. Include a link to Not Dead Yet Style somewhere in your post.
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  1. I really love your flair with skirts.  You always manage to carry it off without a hitch (no pun intended)  I have added a couple to my return to work wardrobe and look forward to wearing them again!
    Have a great week and thanks for hosting.

  2. You look fabulous in that shade of blue Pattie.  There's something about better quality clothes that just feels luxurious … you seriously look radiant.

  3. Demure … kinda.  But with a little edge lent by the discreet cleavage, beautiful belt and boots.  But cool.  Very cool.  Again, nobody does this better. 
    (Can't come out to play at VM because of new tools and toys, but wanted to check in to say thanks for hosting.  See you soon, Patti.)

  4. Those bronze boots are just fabulous
    You need to wear those babies all the time

  5. Love your blue shirt,  Patti! I love men's shirts – I wear them all the time with leggings, but I really like how you've paired yours with a pretty skirt. 😉 Thanks for hosting.

  6. This casually chic look really is your signature, Patti, you look lovely. It's simple and elegant and you really suit blue! Thanks as always for being such a great hostess. xxx

  7. Dear Patti, you look fab as usual. I don't know if you ever go back and look at the response at your comments, in case you don't I will say it here too! You do host the best link up party on the web! After a long day at the office it was just great to come home and read all comments that cheered me up. Now I am going to take a peak at all those lovely ladies that have linked up while I have been at work, and give them some cheers too! Once again, thank you for creating this terrific community! 

  8. I wanted to thank you for continuing to run this Monday feature.  I always find new, inspiring bloggers to follow (added 6 new ones to my reader today). And the community that has developed around this blog is so supportive.

  9. You look very happy and comfortable today, Mizz Patti.
    Mr orange cat, however, looks unimpressed (no kick, he sez).
    Ach, more important to please yourself, not the fashion maven!

    I clocked in today @ #66 — woohoo! one of my favorite US highways!

  10. Very chic and classic, I love how you combine the sporty light blue shirt with the feminine camel skirt and the belt and the boots 🙂

  11. Hi Patti.  I love your outfit.  Maybe it's just me, but I think women wearing open necked menswear shirts look quite sexy in a very sophisticated, covered up way.  {No intention at all to offend you}  Maybe I watch too many old movies, but I love the look and the mood they portray.  Fantastic boots too. Thanks for hosting VM.  

  12. So classy and elegant.  I love how the open collar draws the eye upward to your glowing face!

  13. Yeah, go get 'em cowgirl!  I like what's happening at the hemline – the stitching or trim.  And Picasso behind the antique glass is brilliant!

  14. The YSL shirt is quite the find and love how you wear it with the collar up and framing your beautiful face.  And the bronze boots adding a touch of sparkle!

  15. Hi Patti, I love those boots! Nice choice for a night of drinking. You can kick them off easy or dance on the bar, whichever suits your fancy! At least that's what I do when drinking tequila! lol

    I see you are a Harry Potter fan too. I'm currently keeping my eye open for a shelf for my books. I've read them all twice. Once when they came out and then once again in a row. Love Harry! I'm currently reading the Lord of the Rings books. Well I'm reading the Hobbit so I have alot of reading to do :o)

    Have a great day!! 

  16. That shirt is such a fun find! It looks super soft like you said 🙂 you look great!

  17. LOVE this look Patti and I totally agree with you about mens shirts. I also raid the menswear department for knitted sweaters, tees that have just the right amount of slouch and even found 2 perfect parkas in khaki cotton – the womens equivalent were awful!
    Pale blue and sand is another favourite colour combination of mine.

  18. Loving the menswear -how amazing that it's YSL!!! Such a beautiful color for you, Patti! ~Sarah

  19. I think I will raide my husband's/spms'wardobes. You look stylish anf chic.

  20. I'm so amazed at how elegant you make a men's dress shirt look. I'm sure a great deal is how confident and classy you appear in your outfit. I think I may go sneak into my son's closet (my hubby would definitely notice).

  21. What a good idea to mix the light blue men's skirt with a light brown skirt. I love the combination of neutrals. You look fabulous!

  22. Love your look!  The shirt looks effortlessly stylish–  machine wash/dry & no ironing is perrrrrfect! The boots are killer!!!!!  Are they bronze? 

  23. Love your boots! And the fact that you like tequila shots and still look ladylike!

  24. I love this look. I may do an homage (ie: completely copy) this look.  So pretty…

  25. A gorgeous mix my dear… especially  with the added shots!  You look absolutely Gorgeous!

  26. Sometimes quality can be *seen*. That shirt looks as soft as I imagine it feels. That is possibly my favorite color blue. I am jealous of your weather. I've been happy all the warm days we've had lately. I've taken my SAD riddled butt outside every day the sun peeks out. Not too often these days, but I am looking forward to spring!

  27. I absolutely love your look today, Patti.  I also find the menslook/feminine style quite appealing.

  28. Patti~You have inspired me to shop for men's shirts!  And I agree; the cotton is so much finer than women's.  You look great~

  29. The shirt looks great and I agree on the fabrics.  I think I will hit the Men's section next time I go to Goodwill!!  Thanks for hosting Patti!!

  30. That pale blue is so wonderful on you Patti, it's your colour! Such a pretty and stylish outfit.

  31. I love the masculine shirt paired with the skirt! And those bronze boots were the first thing to catch my eye – love their sheen! I think demure can sometimes be more visible and a sign of a confident woman who doesn't need to prove anything.

  32. Really chic and classic look, Patti – pale blue and stone are perfect together. You're also the Queen of Boots…! And – tequila shots, eh…??!!! Haha you naughty girl!

    Thanks for hosting my fave linkup as always 🙂

    Catherine x

  33. ha ha! Nope, I never would have guessed this was followed by Tequila shots : )  


  34. i love how chic this looks. masculine and feminine all at the same time. and a popped collar really adds to the whole look! 🙂 xx

  35. Blue looks wonderful on you and that classic combo is so great!

    Cool spell you're having? artic spell we're having this week, low -20
    Please let me out of this country…

  36. I might also have to copy that one into my inspiration file!  Classy and comfortable xo

  37. I think I may have to steal this look.  I love the look of the shirt, opened up just perfectly, and I love it with the skirt, belt, and boots.  Sometimes simple IS better (wow, did I really say that?), and this has cool proportions to keep it interesting.

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