I Learned To Like Wearing Brown: Visible Monday

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I don’t think I own a single solid-brown piece in my closet, except for shoes. As a color, it even sounds kind of sad – unless you call it “chocolate.” 😊 But all it takes is the right cut and print, and brown can be festive.

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I found this cool blouse while thrifting in NYC. The funky pattern caught my eye, and I had heard of the maker, Orla Kiely.  She’s an Irish designer who mostly creates homeware and handbags, all in her signature warm colors. The khaki linen skirt is thrifted too, made by by “Frankie and Missy”, about whom I could find nothing on the net. Perhaps these gorgeous models, Frankie and Missy Rayder, made a few pieces for sale?

Time to trim back the plants, do you think?

This mix of brown with gray, red, and yellow really does appeal to me, and the blouse looks terrific with jeans. I’m wearing a funky 1960’s vintage necklace, a gift from a friend via his late mother’s jewelry box. Keep vintage alive!

Tough boots by Born add some edge.

You can tell you’re wearing a good wig (this one is the Wiki by Ellen Wille) when the wind blows and you still look OK. My own hair is getting thin; I’ll write more about it later.

Are you rocking the brown, or should I say the cafe au lait? 

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Stay fabulous and wear what you love, xo

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  1. You’ve definitely festivized these browns! I’d go for that pattern in your top too. And your Ellen Wille wig is fantastic. If you hadn’t mentioned it, I may not have noticed you’re wearing one – not that noticing or not is a measure of success. This just looks like great hair. Thanks for the linkup, Patti!

    • thanks, Mel. And you’re right, part of getting comfortable wearing wigs is ignoring the fact that they’re wigs – just good hair. Your post today is brilliant, as ever. xox

  2. Love this outfit, Patti! Gorgeous blouse, and all together a great mix, lighthearted and fun! I love brown! Especially the earthy and saturated tones, such as were popular in the 1960s-1970s. Happy Halloween!

  3. Love the Orla Keily blouse, she really does have the greatest prints! Your 1960s necklace is fabulous too. I have to confess that I love brown, and have quite a lot of it in my wardrobe, even one or two solid brown pieces! xxx

    • thank you Ann – I think you wear this color beautifully. So sorry to hear your knee is giving you woe, feel better soon! xox

    • Thanks for sharing your terrific jumpsuit with Vis Monday, and have a great week ahead, Vale, xox.

  4. I LOVE the blouse Patti! The print is so unique and you’ve styled it beautifully.
    The plant looks fabulous and healthy!! I vote for no trimming but of course we all have different prunning preferences! 🙂

    • I am inclined not to prune as well – perhaps memories of bad haircuts over the years? Thanks for your kind words, and for coming by. xox

    • thanks Cherie – I would love to have this hair growing out of my head too! : > Love your chunky-heel booties, so cool. xox

    • Thank you Andrea, and thanks for linking up – your beach pictures are so inviting xox.

  5. I love your hair in these photos, Patti and the Orla Keily blouse is lovely (sadly, her business went into administration recently).
    I love brown – what 70s chick doesn’t? It’s also the perfect colour for us backpackers, it doesn’t show the dirt! xxx

    • LOL at the value of brown for hikers! Good point. Sorry to hear about O.K. Thanks for the kind words, xox

  6. You found a gem in that top, Patti. Like a lot of colors, there are many shades of brown–I don’t own a lot of it, but the pieces I do have are richer and warmer.

    • Thanks, Kim, and thanks for linking up! Your floral trousers look terrific, very of-the-moment. xox

  7. I don’t own any brown either – a few years ago I have quite a bit, I wore brown more than black. Not sure what happened but it’s all gone. BTW, love the wig – looks very natural!

    • Thanks about the wig, from a hair-sister! Your new Jambu boots are just gorgeous. xox

  8. I was pleased to see brown making a return – agree it can look a bit sad but with other colors it comes alive. Love the idea of vintage jewelry and keeping memories of people alive.

    • Thanks, Gail, and I agree 100% about vintage jewelry. Your pic of Dolly the dog gave me a big happy! xox

  9. I am not a fan of solid brown on me… But then I realised I have a few brown leather jackets! So, not too strict an aversion. Strictly no beige for me though, it gives me a deathly pallor!! I like Orla Kiely, what a find that blouse was. Looks really great on you x

    • Thank you, Porcelina, and thanks for sharing your trip to yet another charming and colorful town! xox

  10. I remember the horror being told the school uniform was brown and yellow! Luckily they changed it to navy, white and red. I like brown now though and wear it often. Yellow made a revival recently so perhaps brown will too. Love the pattern on your top, it’s beautiful xx

    • Thanks for coming over and linking up, Maria! Loving your pretty blouses paired with jeans. xox

  11. What an awesome pattern and colour combination in that blouse, Patti! You can always tell quality. I love that you’re wearing a vintage piece that belonged to a friends’ mum. I think the past owners of vintage pieces would be happy that their items are being worn and loved.

    Your hair looks great! I love that you have some great hairpiece options – this is one of my favourites.

    Thank you as always for hosting, Patti!

    • Thanks, Sheila, you’re so kind. It is fun to pay with hair; I’m loving your new soft color. xox

  12. Love the boho vibe of that top paired with the vintage necklace. Vintage is always better when you know the story behind the piece.

    I’m a brown lover. I probably more own brown in my wardrobe than any other colour. I find it much easier to wear than black. It’s not so harsh next to my skin.

    Hope you are enjoying NYC! : )


    • Thanks, Suzanne. I agree, it’s great when a piece of jewelry or clothing has a back-story. And you do look fab in brown – it’s that hair color thing you taught me. Wish you were here, the thrift stores are packed with cold weather (good) stuff. xox

  13. Patti,
    Yes I actually own quite a bit of khaki and brown tones in my wardrobe. This color reminds me of a light chocolate and more of a khaki on my screen. I think it’s a beautiful skirt and I love the printed blouse as well. I can certainly see you wearing that blouse with denim !
    Maybe put the plants in a larger pot. I wouldn’t want to trim them as they are so lively and beautiful!

    • Thanks,Elle for your kind words, and the good gardening advice! Sorry to hear about your back pain, and I am sending healing thoughts to you, xox.

    • thanks Pam, and thanks for linking up – great to see you again. Leopard flats look good with everything, xox

  14. I don’t have much brown in my wardrobe though I’m inching into tan. Does that count? If I’m going to pick a neutral I pick black but that is b/c of my fair/ pink coloring. My daughter with her olive skin though looks smashing in brown, as do you sweetie! Have a wonderful week!

    • Thanks Julia, and we say tan definitely counts : > Love your burgundy jacket with a leopard accent. xox

  15. My favorite shade of brown is “fudge”. Chocolate can be so many shades, but fudge is usually that dark wonderful melt-in-your-mouth color.

  16. I like brown. I remember I had brown trousers when I was fourteen. I was the only one at school, but I loved them. Love your blouse, it’s a great colour!

  17. I really like the funky little top and peplum hem. I can totally see it with jeans too and great Fall color mix! You look fantastic!

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