I Couldn’t Wait To Get My Hair To Silver

I could not wait to get my bleached-blonde hair to silver. It took about three years and several salon visits, working to get the yellow out. It seemed at times it would never happen. And then with my latest hair trim, boom, I was there. Salt and pepper, with mostly salt. Cool.

And now I am wondering if it’s aging my overall look. I know, I know, silver is fabulous (it is) and “looking one’s age” is not a crime, not even a misdemeanor.  But, due to my contrary nature, I’m now looking for ways to experiment with my silver hair.

As far as styling, my options are limited by my hair’s texture. My hair is super-fine, thinning, and with varying degrees of curl/frizz. It can’t look sleek and silvery like this:

Linda Fargo, Style Director at Bergdorf Goodman, has sleek, polished silver hair.

Or have well defined waves like this:


Love this style, but my hair won’t cooperate without a can of hairspray. A whole can. From this Pinterest board.

It’s a curly, frizzy, happy mess like this:


My hair looks slightly blonde here, but that’s the sunlight.

So experimenting with some play-color is one option. I’ve applied Manic Panic pink tips, and I like the results. I’m considering going pale rose-gold all over, using the temporary color. It washes out in one or two warm shampoos, so there’s no danger of getting stuck with unintended consequences.

I’ve also found that wearing a little more makeup, especially cheek and eye color, helps alleviate the I’m-all-one-color look. My gorgeous friend Alida of My Makeover Mission coached me on wearing a darker eyeshadow, more blush, and deeper lipstick for contrast. And a few days later, another gorgeous friend, Suzanne of Suzanne Carillo Style, actually sent me a Wet and Wild lipstick in “Wine Room”.


With some pink tips on my hair and added blush, and Suzanne’s lipstick, sent all the way from Canada.

Stay fabulous and have fun with your beauty, xo,

Here’s some fun, affordable pieces to browse:

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  1. This is my tale: I have just turned 74. My natural hair color in my 30s was medium blonde. Then the silver appeared and distributed itself evenly through my hair. I kept it that way, because it looked professionally frosted – until it transitioned to areas of uniform silver, a look I didn’t like on myself. So, for the next two decades, I colored my hair back to medium blonde with highlights.

    However, my increasingly white roots became noticeable every two weeks, and the retouching got on my nerves, so I thought about growing out my natural, by now white, hair. I’ve been platinum before, and looked like a boiled egg, so this wasn’t an option!

    Luckily, I chanced upon L’Oreal’s Féria pastel shade in Smoky Lavender (P12) and never looked back! There’s hardly a day that goes by without someone stopping to tell me that they like my hair color! Alas, L’Oreal seems to have discontinued this shade, so I’ve been buying it in bulk online! It’s still cheaper than a salon color! Wish I could attach a photo; I’m brand-new to this terrific site!

  2. You know I’m a big proponent of playing with hair colour! I love the pink tips, and YES to the brighter lippy! How thoughtful of Suzanne!

    My current plan is overall lightening to my natural white/grey, but keeping in the lavender family. It’s a change, and I love it. Embrace it!

    • I know! The curlies want to be straight – but I hope she comes to love her curls, xo

  3. The pink tips and the addition of a bright lipstick adds lovely colour to your face and breaks up the “all one colour” look. I enjoy seeing women with grey hair playing with fun colours in the form of tips, streaks, or a big swath of bold colour. As a fellow naturally pale person, I have found that I need to add colour to my face now that my hair is mostly grey. I would like it to be all grey rather than the patchy “salt and pepper” thing that is going on now, but I don’t know what tone of grey it’s going to be. Linda Fargo’s colour is lovely, isn’t it?

    • You have a great salt and pepper thing going on, and you’re one of my inspirations to try unexpected color. xox

  4. I do love a grey hairstyle (those ladies in the pictures look fab!), and I think that your own style looks cool, love that lipstick!, you’re gorgeous!

  5. I have followed your silver journey and its suits you perfectly and agree that the extra blush , darker eyes and lippy takes it up a notch. Linda Fargo’s hair is my aim , same dead straight hair just not the colour, am still tossing up whether to stop colouring and just be patient until the silver may happen.

    • If/when you decide to go silver, it will look wonderful on you, Jill. Your hair can do the Linda Fargo thing, I bet! xo

  6. I love the silver on you! It does not make you look older. I have fine hair, too, and I think my hair is stronger and healthier without dye. No heat, either, but I don’t think you do that with your lovely curls. I’m 62 and when I tried to get my senior discount on the golf course today, the guy said, no way. It’s all in your attitude and how you present yourself. You’ve got this.

  7. Dang woman! That lippy looks brilliant on you! I must try some : )

    I think your hair looks like a fluffy, soft halo of silver.

    When you are very light skinned with light eyes sometimes it can make you look pale all over with light hair. I do agree that the added lipstick makes a big difference. You are looking very coquettish in that last photo!

    Now that I’ve been red for quite a few years I find that my natural blonde makes me feel very washed out. I will have a hard time going back to it. The darker red makes my eyes pop and is so much friendlier for my skin tone.


    • Agreed, that dark red hair is really your color – vibrant and a stand-out in the crowd. Thanks for the nice words too, xox.

  8. You can carry the silver. I say go with it. I don’t think it ages you. I think a woman shows her age more in her stance/posture and movement than in her coloring. So go with it. You can change your mind again later. BTW, unrelated, Speedo was selling a long sleeved swimsuit for paddle boarding in Costco this year. Might be worth checking out. Obnoxiously comfortable. (I swim laps but have to keep my forearms out of the sun.) The sleeves are nicely long. The sleeves are close around my arms but I move the wrinkles above my elbows before I zip up and the fit is BEAUTIFUL. Stretchy, not baggy. Close and supportive but not skin tight. No sausage.

    • Oh thanks for the swimming advice, A-T-P! That sounds like a good solution for one who can’t be in the sun. xo

  9. You look amazing — that lipstick is an inspired choice. I am 68 and still waiting for my hair to go grey all over. It’s still grey in patches. Sigh.

    • Thank you Cynthia! That Wet and Wild lipstick really does stay on for hours, and costs about $5! xo

  10. OH MY GOSH I LOVE THE PINK!!!! You are always a beauty in my book, no matter what color you have on your hair and lips. But what fun you seem to be having playing with your hair and makeup! From where I stand, that fun shines through your sparkly eyes and makes you even more beautiful. ❤️


    • Thanks for the kind words Sherry. I’m loving your new silver-y shade as well, xox.

  11. You look absolutely beautiful.
    Most of my silver is in the back of my head :o( The front retains mostly dark brown- so frustrating! LOL!

  12. Blush is my best friend sometimes. I love the idea of playing around with your color—never stop! Do be careful tho–light colors really do absorb color super easy, even temp ones.

  13. You look great with silver hair, and with the red wine lipstick. I tried growing out my silver hair but realised pretty early in it really aged and drained my look. I have quite a fair skin with blue eyes. Darker make up I guess is a must. I went back to coloring but one level lighter. I am 52. It was making me look much older. In the distant future I will try again. My hair also misbehaves alot and is never sleek. You do inspire me try again in time. Lise

    • Yes, Lise, do what feels and looks right for you. Maybe a lighter color is just the trick! xo

  14. Clairol Shimmer lights shampoo once a week to keep the silver sparkle!

  15. I love the silver and the wild curls! If you were interested in more defined curls, you should try the online MAP method course by Scott Musgrave. If you take the course you get access to the facebook group where the nicest people on the internet can help you troubleshoot your hair. If you look at #mapmethod on Instagram you can see some of the people in the class and their progress.

      • I second that advice. It is worth the cost.
        If you like lavender color, Fabola Shampoo will give that color and it will last a few regular shampoos.

  16. I think upping your colour in your makeup helps give the colour you need, I like the look. At the moment I am low lighting my hair, but eventually will let it go grey.

  17. I’m stopping the color on my hair and let my grays surface. I feel like it will take so long. It’s darker underneath but blonde on top and about 3 inches of gray in the roots. I’m using purple shampoo to cut back on the brass. I keep debating if I should just go get a short cut to speed the process. I’m tired of the never-ending cycle of color. I discovered that it was too dark and took about 2 weeks to get where I was happy with the color, but them BAM, the roots would show and it was just a matter of weeks before I wasn’t happy with the look again. I’m getting off that merry-go-round. I hope I look as fabulous with my hair as you do with yours.

  18. Remember to never use hair products that are red, yellow, or orange. Only clear or cool colors — even a tiny bit of yellow pigment can build up on your silver hair and turn it yellow. And I can highly recommend Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Gro Therapy for taming/enhancing frizzy curls. You’ll find it in the Black Hair section of many stores. It’s a good skin treatment in general.

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