How To Wear A Long Cardigan At Any Age

A long cardigan is a wonderful transition piece into the cooler weather. It can be office-ready or super-casual, and makes an outfit look more finished and intentional. It’s cozy and comfortable and you can use it as a blanket at the movies. The fabulous women of Visible Monday provide inspiration for wearing a long cardigan or vest.

As always, the first tip is: wear a long cardigan if it makes you happy, and own it. Go neutral or stand-out bright, wrap it, belt it, or let it flow free.
Always room in my closet for a cozy long sweater:

Glenda of So What To Twenty chose a lemon yellow long cardigan that serves as a colorful focal point as well the perfect “third piece.” Love her socks and shoes too; she is fabulous.




Laurie of Vanity And Me looks terrific in a monochromatic outfit topped with a drape-front sleeveless vest. Looks like a very versatile piece. Great necklace too:



Pam of Over 50 Feeling 40 tops her long black open cardigan with a brilliant red scarf. She wears this long lean look so well. Want to look taller? Go with a dark, streamlined long topper like Pam’s.



Debbie of Fashion Fairy Dust always looks gorgeous, and don’t you love her fiery hair against this bright pink topper? This one is not technically a sweater, but it fits the shape and length, and really adds a pop to her look..



Linda of A Labour Of Life ia actually wearing two toppers: a cool checked cardigan and a long, drapey black one on top. Her accessories really polish up the look, a mix of casual and dressier pieces.



How do you like your long toppers?

Stay fabulous,

Here’s more fab choices for any age:

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  4. They look great. I’ve never bought one but that’s just because I don’t face the same situations other women do for which a long cardigan is the best choice.

  5. I love my hair twin (Debbie)’s look.

    I do own one long cardigan but have more of a soft spot for long vests.


  6. It’s all about proportion. Depending on what’s on the bottom, the best cardigan might be hip length, knee length or calf length–and that could be true for a single person.

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