How To Bare Your Shoulders At Any Age

Shoulders look lovely at all ages, and if you choose to show yours to the world, this season offers lots of opportunities. Off-the-shoulder tops and sundresses are plentiful, and there’s a mini-revival of “cold shoulder” tops: the ones that have actual straps, with an opening for your shoulder to peep through. It is most definitely the season for airy clothing, in the Northern Hemi. We’ve got 90+ degrees coming every day till October.

As always, the first tip is: wear shoulder-baring tops if you like them.  They’re not advisable in most offices for work-wear, and maybe not for church. But for your own time, you can rock this look at any age. Choose among the many offerings, including the inspirational women from Visible Monday, below.
Always room in my closet for a breezy top:

Ani of Fleurani went with the “cold shoulder” look in this pretty and feminine embroidered top. The open shoulders look perfect with her whimsical hair and summer hat. And a field of flowers, that always works, eh?:

fleurani cold shoulder dress 10

Bogi of Red Reticule chose a more formal look with this gorgeous off-the-shoulder dress. The ruffled sleeves add personality and her refined accessories dress it up for a fabulous date look. And the shoes, don’t forget the shoes:


Glenda of So What To Twenty rocks a strapless peplum top in a gorgeous print. She stays cool and shares her beautiful shoulders. Glenda knows how to do a full-on summer look. And you must read her post this week; she has such wisdom about recent tragic events:

A Change of Plans 020

Suzanne of Ask Suzanne Bell does a dressy version of the cold-shoulder blouse in versatile black, elevated with a wrap skirt and wedge heels. I’d wear this to a creative workplace, or out to lunch or for date night:

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Candace of The Beauty Beau is so chic in this on/off-the-shoulder denim top. Keeping it modern and sleek with white flare jeans and simple jewelry.


How do you like your shoulder temperature?

Stay fabulous,

Here’s more off-the-shoulder looks for any age:

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  1. For me, it is all about comfort and fit. I do like the OTS look but there are components that would have to be there in order for me to wear this look. A. The shirt needs to stay of the shoulder. No fussing around to keep the shirt off mine. B. The actual fit of the shirt. It needs to be more fitted. I notice that many of the OTS looks have the shirts looking a bit—maternity. I’ve done that look over 26 years ago. The cold shoulder? No. It’s too fussy for my simple and basic taste. I’ll search till I find a shirt that stays off the shoulder, fits well, and where I don’t need to wear a bra.

  2. Great looks here, Patti. Its definitely a thing this year, I saw so many of those tee shirts with the shoulder cut out last weekend it’s the new kimono for sure. xxxx

  3. Oh Patti, I love all of these looks – all so unique and fabulous, in each of their own ways. The grey dress and that field of flowers, ooh la la! I really do like the open shoulder look, but you are so right, one style is not for all. One needs to find the right fit and comfort level for their own body type. Great post as always and thank you so much for including me amongst these lovely ladies!

  4. I love these. Every one is so chic. My first thought was, nah, no shoulders for me. But these are great, especially that gray dress with those ruffles! I think the thing is to avoid too much decolletage. And these mostly have sleeves that hide upper arms (even my super-buff Pilates teacher has batwings when she puts her arms a certain way). The “cold shoulder” solution shows a little arm (the muscular side!) but not too much. Just right.

    • well said, Taste of France! Just a little peek at my shoulders is good for me too. xo

  5. What fabulous examples you’ve posted here! They all look like they could be on the cover of a magazine.

    Oddly enough I’m not a huge fan of showing off my shoulders. Somehow I come off looking like a linebacker.


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