How The City Changed Me; Visible Monday Reminder!

No secret, I have loved the big city for decades. I worked in Boston and Washington D.C. for many years and was always energized by the concrete canyons, the stream of people, and the buzz of business. No place compares in my mind to New York City. I had the great privilege to spend two weeks there, borrowing a real-life city apartment and living as much as I could like a real New Yorker.

Hello, Beautiful!

Every experience has the potential to change us. I am open to letting the city life change some old stuffy ways of thinking, acting, dressing/shopping, and relating. Change is often necessary to get un-stuck and get back to the good stuff again.

Here is how I believe the city is working on me:

  • Carpe diem, baby. Those two weeks flew by and I was strapped into a plane returning to Florida before I could breathe out. I have to savor my moments, stop obsessing about what’s next. This cup of coffee, in this chair, right now, is mighty fine.
  • Don’t save your good stuff for some future occasion. People in New York look snappily dressed (many of them anyway) on a daily basis. I took some of my favorite clothes with me – why not make all my clothes my favorite clothes and dress like I’m in NYC? Life’s too short for just-OK clothing.
My husband, as The World’s Most Interesting Man.
Always wear your finest. And stay thirsty, my friends.
  • Be a little good to yourself. I am a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to spending money on me. In NYC I got two wonderful manicures. I treated myself to a gorgeous (pre-owned) Louis Vuitton blouse, and it made me feel great. I got the good wine. I struggle with feeling selfish, but I am responsible with money and it really is OK to have some treats. Tomorrow = manicure!
  • I like a simpler look with fewer, rather than more accessories. I only took a few bracelets, two necklaces, and three pairs of earrings. I didn’t even wear them all. My fuzzy hair counts as one big accessory, and I’m very comfortable with just my wedding ring, watch, and one other piece. Which leaves a little more in the budget for:
  • Good shoes and boots. I saw these all over the city and in re-sale shops. I fell in love again with fine, soft leather and now I am doing inventory on all my footwear. Only the best are staying. Comfortable and beautiful is my new shoe mantra.
  • I am a political animal. I’ve worked on several Congressional campaigns, but had recently moved on from that chapter in my life. Being in the city re-energized me and I have some ideas about how I want to direct my political energy next. Not Dead Yet.  : >
She still inspires me.

I would love to hear about how vacations, sabbaticals, work or school-related travels have changed your ways of thinking. Please share!

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  1. What an awesome post! What an amazing opportunity to live in NYC for a bit! Thanks for sharing those valuable lessons you learned with us. Also thanks for sharing that pic of your hubby–wow, how handsome he is! I would vote for him to replace the original World's Most Interesting Man:-)

  2. so great to hear how you've grown as a New Yorker.  yes, best not to save things for a special occasion and just wear them!  i love that you've become more politically aware.  and how cute is your hubby?!!!  i love that he wore the most interesting man in the world costume.  he's very handsome!


  3. I'm joining everybody else to say hubba hubba! Your hubby is nice on the eyes 🙂 I'd love to see a picture of the two of you together! I love your tips, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what you do with your political energy.

  4. Your husband is very handsome and distinguished looking, you must be very proud of him. I love your attitude and think you're right not saving the good stuff for the future. I look forward to hearing more about your political ideas.

  5. Some wonderful advice, and a great outlook. I strive greatly to follow these guidelines. My favorite saying/self-affirmation is currently: "Life is not a dress rehearsal. This is it."

  6. I love New York.  It's an easy 6 hour train ride away, yet we always seem to have difficulty making the time to get there.  It sounds like your time there was amazing.
    In 2009, we rented a house in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome and lived there with our four children.  It was supposed to be our last great vacation before I took a new, more demanding job and our oldest child moved away for school.  It was such a great experience to live in a real Italian house, like real Italians.  We got to know some of the neighbors, we walked everywhere, used the neighborhood laundromat and grocery stores, church, and barber shop, and were known in our favorite bar where we ate breakfast every day. We really got to know the city and I learned a lot from studying the style of the Roman women. I think I learned the most about style from looking at their shoes.  It's very difficult to get around on the crazy cobbles in Rome on high heels and I saw many examples of shoes that are both stylish and appropriate for walking.

  7. You two make a handsome-stylish couple 🙂  NYC seems to have sparked an old love, it is no surprise, I don't think anywhere can meet NYC's diversity, its culture, its heart and its energy.

  8. I love the energy and vitality of cities.  Merely walking the streets of Manhattan is enough to perk you up.  The pace of life is faster there.

  9. Great thoughts Patti..this is how I have been attempting to live for the last five years!  I have the passion and I am working on the courage to live more outside of my comfort zone and take some risks!  I traveled a lot in  my 20s and 30s and worked in all of the big cities…I really  miss it sometimes so I understand!!  (and YES, you have a very suave debonire husband!!)

  10. Great post! Don't save your good stuff for some future occasion.The best advice I've ever heard.

  11. Patti!  I LOVE the world's most interesting man!  LOL  That is the BEST commercial series!  I'm with you on all the changes.  I don't want to have clothes in my closet that I don't love and what I DO have I want to wear all the time…not wait for a special occasion.  Carpe Diem…something I'm working on being better at.  Why is it so difficult to live in the moment?  Hugs!  ~Serene

  12. Inspiring – you evoke the feeling I had when I returned home from a dreamed-of trip to Paris – a kind of re-energizing that seems to start with self-expression through clothing and self-care and spreads to what I want to DO in the world . . . Thank you!

  13. Patti, may I say that you have a very handsome husband! He looks very distinguished in the picture.
    I haven't been too many places in my life. The one place that impressed me the most was just outside Denver, CO. The Rocky Mountains are truly awe inspiring. I could look at them forever and be awed.
    One of the things that I am noticing more in viewing blogs is that there are real differences in how people dress in different parts of this country.
    I thank you for sharing your experiences with us, it has been so interesting.
    I have been noticing manicures more lately and thinking I need to start wearing nail polish. It just looks so good on everyone.

  14. First, WOW is your husband a handsome and stylish guy! 

    I'm so glad your NY trip re-energized you. I find travel often inspires me to remember to slow down and savor the moments, and gives me a renewed appreciation for good food, not overprocessed crap. Traveling to Paris reminds me that less is more…less jewelry, less makeup, and that everything doesn't have to be brand new to look good.

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