Holiday Wish List, Or A Girl Can Dream

Do you remember the Sears Wish Book catalog, that came out a few weeks before Christmas? When I was a little girl it was so magical to study every page, sometimes putting a star by the toys I was hoping for. Those catalogs are rare now and kids likely use Twitter to tell their parents what their wish list is for Christmas.
I do still have a holiday wish list, but it no longer includes an Easy-Bake Oven or Chatty Cathy. And pretty much any reasonable material thing I want (not boats and airplanes, but clothes and costume jewelry and a nice dinner out) I can now afford to buy for myself. Sandy and I don’t often exchange gifts because we try to give to each other every day, even a cup of hot tea or the remote control.
But if I had more powers and mojo here’s what I would wish for.

  • Peace, love, and understanding. There’s a song about it! The recent political climate in the U.S. has left many of us anxious, angry, and out of sorts. While I’ve been a political animal for many decades, and did volunteer during this last election, I need a rest. More peace in my soul, more love for all the good around us, and more understanding for those who believe differently.

For wishes more easily accomplished than peace, love, and understanding, I wouldn’t mind:

  • Christmas Eve in New York City. A light snowfall would be lovely and a brief stay at the Parker Meridien Hotel. The PM is very close to Central Park, and to Fifth Avenue where the historic stores are aglow with displays. There’s an annual Christmas Carol sing-along in Washington Square, and the atmosphere is wondrous.

And easier still, and on my list for Santa:

  • A soft checked poncho/cape to throw around me in Florida Winter. A Burberry is out of the budget, but something cozy and affordable like this will be a treat:


  • Floral boots; I have been craving them since I saw similar at Anna’s Island Style. Anna’s are sold out, but these are pretty boss. They are like candy for my eyes:


What’s on your list?

Stay fabulous,

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  1. Oh, I remember those catalogues so well. I would go over and over and over them and dream. The cover photos were magical. Those booties are like candy! I want them sooo bad. Hahaha.

  2. I love the floral boots and if I had pulled the trigger when you first featured them, I would have been wearing them like crazy! Like Suzanne, I keep talking myself out of them…I usually treat myself to some type of luxe beauty product that I would not normally buy or a cozy pair of slippers or lounge wear. But I love to give thoughtful gifts to others.

  3. I remember the days of pouring over the sears catalog and circling all of the things I wanted! Love that Elvis Costello song, it’s the perfect message right now with so much going on in the world. Those floral booties are fabulous!

    Doused In Pink

  4. That is a pretty wonderful boot, but, I must say, I love your choice of the Elvis Costello tune even more! This song is on my playlist and has been my mantra over the past months!

  5. Oh, I remember the Sears catalogs – the page with the Barbies was always worn and wrinkled, and also a pipe dream. My mom disliked Barbie, but gave in and got me a Midge and then the second Barbie Dream House – heaven!!!

    I like your idea of giving every day – even the remote. I also like your choice in boots – fabulous! Mr. S and I don’t exchange a lot of gifts, either, and I’d rather shop for myself. New boots? Sure. And a vest and some skinny jeans. I need to hit the charity shops!

    • yes the Barbie pages! My grandmother would buy the outfits, and they were wonderful. Meet you at the thrift, xo.

  6. Those booties are sweet. I’ve had my eyes on a few different patterned booties but managed to talk myself out of them…for now. Ha!

    I agree…everyone can always use a bit more peace, love and understanding.


    • Those booties are made for you – I can def see you wearing them with one of your midi skirts. And indeed, more peace is always welcome. xo

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