Gratitude Friday; Visible Monday Reminder

It can’t be Friday already, I just woke up on Monday morning. All these cliches about time zooming by faster as you age – they’re true. As always, there’s lots to show gratitude for; I’d love to hear yours in the comments.

1. HaHa! I finally joined Instagram (follow me here). My friend Judith had encouraged me a year ago (follow her here) and Suzanne finally pushed me over the edge (follow her here). I still cannot find my nether regions with two hands, but I’m studying the tutorials, and the ‘Grams of bloggers I admire. The Official Tips say “no cat pictures,” so I am doomed.


Sorry, King – you are deemed a bore by the Instagram Police. I will always love you.


2. Thrift store scores. A formfitting and modern long sleeve white tee (similar), by Zara Man. It will not be worn until October, but I will love it. Super-score: this gorgeous Ralph Lauren striped skirt (sim) Suzanne found for me in Toronto. Well, she found it for herself but was kind enough to say “It looks better on you” (not true). This skirt will be making appearances with all kinds of summer tanks.




Oh yeah, the fun part: the skirt was tagged $24.99, but it was 50% off. Happy days.


3. Pizza and wine. A couple of times a week, every week. The bike ride to the pizzeria is just as enjoyable as the al fresco dining.


4. Our offer was accepted at the new condo! It’s just a block away, but up one floor for better views and protection from the sea. Now the hard part: purging, packing and moving. More pizza and wine will be called for.

5. Great sales on summer things, and we have four months of summer weather ahead. Some of my favorite pieces now at irresistible prices:


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  1. Some of my favorite things — cats, pizza and thrifted clothing! I’ll “like” every cat picture you post on Instagram! I feel for you on the upcoming move. We just made a move a few months ago and it was a monumental task! Just take it one step at a time.

  2. I am THRILLED that you finally joined the IG cult — ahem — community!!!!
    BRING ON THE CAT PIX! We are finely aged. We can do whatever we want on social media. Instagram (and, as an ancillary result, Twitter and Tumblr) are the places where I exist uncategorized. I have lots of blogs, lots of Facebook Pages, one IG acct. Which segways into, I’m grateful for Social Media! Without it, I wouldn’t have met you!
    I took your advice and thrift shopped with my camera vs $$ today. Except once I finally DID buy a thing, then there were more, and more, and, well, I did my part helping the economy of Providence. Xxox

    • That’s my girl, helping the economy! And thanks for the welcome to IG; I’m having a blast looking at pictures all day, er, I mean for one hour per day. xox

  3. I cannot wait to see you wearing that skirt : ) What a score.

    I don’t follow those IG rules. Probably why I don’t have that many followers! Ha ha! I still put up photos of my beloved pug.

    It’s fun you are there now.


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