A Karina Dress For Florida Summer: Visible Monday

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Easy, flowy dresses are so terrific for hot summers. No zippers, tight waists, or thigh grabbers. No layering, unless you want to, and wear any open-toe shoe you love.

Announcing! A feature I know you’ll like. Every First Visible Monday of the month, we’ll have a special edition of Visible Monday, sponsored by my friends at Karina Dresses.


Always room in my closet for a peep-toe sandal :

The Mia is one of Karina‘s newest dresses, and it’s a huge favorite. The fabric is lighter weight than most Karinas, and still washes and dries in a minute. It’s one of those must-haves when traveling – I washed mine in my Toronto hotel sink (read about that broom closet room here) and wore it twice. Love the kimono style sleeves, tie waist – make your knot in the front or back – open neckline, and of course, the easy-going skirt.

I added a vintage 1950’s necklace (sim) found in a local consignment shop, a vintage bracelet from Citizen Rosebud, and old peep-toe heels (sim). Must keep up with my pedis in Florida summer. : >



Easiest dress in the 90+ degree heat.



My hair is getting silver-y. A little blue at the ends, but I like it.


Karina Giveaway: Enter to win a Karina dress of your choosing. The winner will be selected at random on July 9, 2016. Just follow this link to enter the giveaway, open through July 8th:


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  3. what a beautiful dress, Patti. It suits you so well and will be perfect for any summer activity!! lovely and I adore all Karina dresses anyways!!

  4. Hi Patti,

    Your hair, the dress, the shoes and jewelry look fabulous. Thanks again for hosting Visible Monday and the contest.

    • Just found your blog and love it. It looks like we have hit some of the same destinations recently. We loved Seaside and just left Tofino last week. Paradise. We're finally leaving the West Coast, but if you have any recommendations, please let us know! Follow along at ww..lodeswelbworg

  5. Love this dress, sort of Grecian style! And your hair is gorgeous!

  6. Karina dresses have such cute styles!


  7. All of those shoes are great! I especially love those blue ones!


    • Many Karina dresses are perfect for my petite hourglass figure. Unfortunately, many are sold-out in the fabrics that I would buy. I’d love for their inventory to be more abundant.

  8. I love the interesting style of this dress with its big sleeves and the matching fabric belt. I don’t know how you manage to stay looking so cool in the heat. You must get used to it to some degree. You’re a pro!

  9. Blue tipped hair? You are cool, Patti. I like those kimono sleeves you’ve got going on.

  10. Nice! I haven’t seen a Karina dress yet that I didn’t like. That one is perfect for the sweltering Florida weather. And love those Mary Janes shoes. So cute.
    I like your seagrape tree too! Where in Florida are you? I’m down in Stuart in the middle of the big algae boom 🙁

  11. I have a couple of Karina dresses. They are awesome for social dances, travel as they won’t wrinkle, and work. Thanks for pointing me to them. My fav are the Katherine. I love their neck lines. They are perfect for someone like me, flat like a pan cake. LOL.

  12. Oh wow, they have absolutely adorable dresses, thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  13. You look lovely in the dress. It does look like the perfect dress for hot summer days. Love your sandals and the cobalt blue pair from Nine West (very tempting :-))

  14. Such a beautiful shape Patti and the colour really suits you. Thank you for hosting xxxxxx

  15. Really cute! I think it has a ’70’s caftanesque vibe to it, and God knows full-on Summer in the South demands easy, breezy dresses!


  16. I really love this dress on you.

    Having seen you wearing it IRL it looks even better. One of my all time favourites of yours.


  17. Oh yes, comfy dresses for summer, can’t have too many of those!
    Thank you Patti so much for your kind words on my Brexit post!

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