Four Surprising Ways To Play With Fragrances

Fragrances spark joy in our everyday lives. From freshly washed sheets to hot coffee to the blooming bougainvillea, scents have the power to make us feel happier. It’s science! Fragrances linger on after the beloved object leaves the scene, they remind us of sweet memories or invigorate us for the task at hand.

And the recent stay-at-home months have brought a new appreciation for pleasing fragrances. Along with more time to experiment. 😊

“Love is a perfume you cannot pour onto others without getting a few drops on yourself.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

As my signature perfume, I had adopted L’Infusion d’Iris, by Prada. But it’s no longer being created so I’m working carefully from my stash, and haunting eBay. The feminine floral scent has the magic to lift my spirits, and sometimes I put a drop on my wrist before I go to bed.

Here are four ways I’ve been adding fragrance to my limited at-home lifestyle, and I would love to hear about yours :

Wrapped bars of fragrant soap in my lingerie drawer. My absolute favorites are Dr. Bronner’s peppermint and lavender soaps. My friend Bryan introduced them to me, saying he puts one near his sleep pillow and it helps him drift off.

This soap smells luscious and makes nice suds too.

Dish soap, the kind you use for scullery duty at the sink. Mrs. Meyer’s has several terrific scents that lift my mood while I’m working. (We are making lots more dirty dishes these days, until the pubs welcome us back. Hurry up, pubs, I’ve run out of the three recipes I know).

This soap makes dishwashing a slight bit happier.

Liquid hand soap for the baths. I have always been a frugal soap-shopper, until the pandemic. I’d reach for the Dial or SoftSoap on sale at the grocery store. They do the job but smell like (routine) dish washing soaps. Now I am treating myself to light fragrances and creamier formulas. My current favorite is by Muse Bath Apothecary and I’ve also loved this foaming soap and this fun brand, in several fragrances.

My current favorite.

Essential oils in our homemade hand sanitizer. I follow the sanitizer recipes online, being careful to get the proportions right. We’re using 99% denatured alcohol, mixed with aloe vera gel. I started with a clove scented oil, but it was too heavy and felt like Christmas. I’ve settled on lemon essential oil – cheery and summery.

Here’s a good read about essential oils.

Stay fabulous and safe, and sweet-smelling, and wash and wash and wash, xo

Listen to the professionals for all the latest news on the virus! Meanwhile, browse these goodies:

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  1. Organize your locker, backpack, and desk. Organizing whatever you use every day helps your mind feel clutter-free.

  2. Once a week, clean out your locker or backpack and organize your desk. It only takes a couple of minutes.

  3. It may sound silly, but when your visual environment is simple and orderly, your mind can concentrate on the more important stuff.

  4. I too still have a daily spray of my favourite fragrance, it just makes me feel better in many ways. My signature fragrance which I’ve worn for years is Pomegranate by Jo Malone, though I did get Mui Mui (Prada) for Christmas which I also love. I do hope you can find your favourite – it’s so annoying when they discontinue our favourites. I’ll be trying the scented soap in my lingerie drawer for sure.

    • Hi Alison and thanks for coming by! I love your striped summer dress. And I will try Mui Mui as a switch-up from Iris. Have a wonderful weekend and stay well. xo

  5. A few drops of essential oil in the laundry final rinse can be delightful.

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