Favorite Boots/Booties Of The Season; Vis Monday Reminder

In our brief but so-welcome interlude of cool weather down here in Florida, I love to wear boots and booties. It’s going to be 79 degrees today, and I’m eyeballing my closet for a boot-friendly look. Is it because we have sandals-only weather for nine months of the year? And/or because great-looking boots add texture and personality to an outfit.

Not only all of the above, but there are so many appealing boot choices in the shops now. As a young woman, I had one pair of black boots and one brown pair. A fashion star!

Here are some modern boots and booties that I’m loving:

Peep toes. It took my eyes a while to get used to these, but now I have embraced them. For cooler days, tights are the best choice with peeps.

Love these modern peep-toe booties with a nice cushioned footbed.

Velvet. Sigh, I really adore velvet shoes and boots, and purses too. They look so luxe. I own a floral pair, and I need these too:

These velvet booties look so yummy.

Flat and fierce. I don’t remember having access to cool booties like these decades ago. Brown and black look sophisticated together.

Love these two-tone flat boots, and I think they can be worn all year.

Prints. What else can be said? This is my favorite of all the footwear trends.

My favorite modern boot trend: fabulous prints.

Troopers. Or military, or moto boots. Masculine but fun when worn with a feminine outfit.

Combining the velvet trend with the moto lace-up trend: these boots are so cute with either jeans or a knit dress.


Stay fabulous, rock those boots, and see you at the new “Easy does it” Visible Monday,


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Here’s some cool footwear to browse:

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  1. Totally agree Patti. There are so many fab choices out there for ankle boots. A gal can get very carried away! I do love the printed ones though. And it sure got cool down here overnight. So I’m searching my closet for a pair to wear right now 🙂


  2. I think boots have a more poweful and assertive vibe than a meer shoe. They’re tough, sexy, and functional but also protective. They have a “take me seriously, utilitarian attitude” that a stiletto can’t hope to muster. Even the lovely floral printed ones marry their aesthetics with functionality.

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