Fabulous Scarf Style Ideas, At Any Age

We all know how a scarf can warm our necks, hold our pants up and keep our curls back. A well-placed scarf also changes a look from ordinary to memorable. It’s time to add some warmer ones for Fall/Winter, and practice our styling. As per usual, the awesome women of Visible Monday provide ideas and inspiration.

As always, the first tip is: wear your scarves when you want to, styled the way you like them, and own it.

And there’s always room in my closet for a new scrap of colorful fabric:

Audrey of Five Foot Nothing Shopping wears her scarf for a cause; October is Breast Cancer Awareness month in the US. I love how she draped this bold red scarf over a simple pink tee. Let the fringes show!

Jill of Doused In Pink chose an ombre infinity scarf and it fills the neckline of her outfit perfectly. This is probably the easiest way to style a scarf and it makes a great impact. Love those aviators too.

Andrea from Andrea’s Wellness Notes wears a fabulous Fall print scarf in the “cowboy” style, with the points draped in the front. It ties her whole look together beautifully.

Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb is using her lightweight scarf as a statement as to keep the chill off her neck. Just doub;e or triple-wrap your scarves and pull the ends though, to get this stylish look.

Jessica of Elegantly Dressed And Stylish gave me a new scarf idea: use a pretty brooch to secure your scarf. Pin it in the front as Jess does here, or on the shoulder. Elegant.

How do you like to style your scarves?

Stay fabulous,

Here’s more fab scarves for any age:

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  1. That I love scarves would be an understatement…. I love all the scarves in this post and have to make sure I don’t convince myself that I “need” a couple more… Thanks for including me in the post! That’s one of my favorite scarves!

  2. I just love the way you have real women showing real style.
    Here’s what I see in France: last winter was all about huge, heavy stoles, usually in a plaid, wrapped around several times, as if to hide a neck brace. These are like the original pashminas–very soft and the size of a beach towel. From what I see in the shop windows, they are back again.
    Scarves sort of disappeared in the high heat of August but have returned with cooler fall temps. But nobody wants to dress for winter yet. So you see lots of cotton scarves, VERY long, wrapped numerous times around the neck or just once and left to hang long. Wrinkled (lengthwise) is good. Solid colors. Make sure you buy a LONG one. Drama!
    I have yet to see the silk square, often folded on the diagonal and wrapped around to tie the ends in front. Maybe it’s too wintery a style to come out yet.

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