The Hurricane Is Coming, See You On the Other Side

Good morning all! A few rough days are headed our way with that dastardly Hurricane Matthew taking aim for us. Winds may approach 120 miles per hour in our little beach town and power is certain to go out later tonight. We’re in a hurricane-rated building built like a brick bunker, and we will survive.


Our favorite little pizza joint – please make it through! The red flag you see flying over the patio means “Stay out of the freaking ocean.”

We’ll be reading books with flashlights, comforting three scaredy-cats, and feasting on graham crackers, peanut butter, and wine. We will be fine – please send out protective thoughts for all those who will be affected by this storm, who may not have the advantages we have.

I am making up a bare-bones Visible Monday post and setting it to go live at the usual time, this Sunday at 5PM EST. Maybe our power will be back by then – but in any case, please come over and celebrate end-of-storm with your favorite looks of the week.
Hugs to you all and thanks for staying tuned,

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  1. I am so glad it didn’t hit as hard as it could have. My sister and brother in-law took their fur babies and went to my nephews house outside Tampa. You are brave sitting it through. My Sis did that in ’04 and I am glad this time she could go to her son’s house. Needless, to say I have watched every report on this one.

  2. Dearest Patti, I saw your photo on IG and so can heave a big sigh of relief for you guys. I wish that could be said for everyone Stateside. My heart goes out to those who have lost homes or worse still, loved ones. Prayers to everyone touched by this dreadful event.
    Anna x

  3. In Gainesville it was not as terrible as we thought. Only intermittent loss of power and back on tonight. We are housing friends from St. Augustine who may have lost a great deal, so our hearts go out to those on the coast who are underwater.

  4. Stay safe! I am sending good thoughts but watching the news it sounds very worrisome. Prayers for all affected by this storm will be sent up! Peace! Cheryl

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