Every Length Skirt Is Fab: Real-Life Fashion Show

By the time we are a Certain Age, we’ve learned what skirt and dress lengths are our favorites. We have read and digested and refined all the “rules” about skirt length over 40 or 50 or 60 (I have even seen age 35 as the cut-off point for minis – haha!). The fabulous women of Visible Monday demonstrate that all lengths are flattering, depending on your mood, your mojo, and the weather.

As always, the first tip is: wear the skirt lengths you love , and own your look. Confidence is all.

And there’s always room in my closet for another skirt:

Gorgeous Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb chose a fabulous orange-red dress with a true mid-length – between her knees and ankles. I’ve seen skirts that barely cover the knees called “midis” but I prefer the old definition. So flattering and feminine, especially with Catherine’s ankle-strap shoes.

Not Dressed As Lamb


BT of Pret-A-Vivre, demonstrates that over 40 does not mean the end of mini-skirts. She is rocking a leather mini with a chunky sweater and looking fantastic.


Fabulous Debbie of Fashion Fairy Dust wears a couple of different length skirts together. Her tulle petticoat and floral mini look great as a team, and the over-the-knee boots really make the outfit bang-up good.

fasjion fairy dust

Nicole of High Latitude Style is pulled together smartly in an above-the-knee straight skirt, with matching tights and suede boots. This length skirt is versatile for most workplaces and occasions, and very flattering. Love Nicole’s floral bomber jacket too.

high latitude style

Senora Allnut of Senora Allnut Fashion And Things goes a little bit shorter than Nicole, and adds bright tights to ginger up her cheerful look. I can’t imagine the rain would dare fall on the Sra. today.

sra allnut

I could not exclude Judith of Style Crone, although this is not a dress we’re likely to see on our morning commute. This exquisite gown reaches the floor (of course it does) and isn’t Judith looking glorious? A casual maxi skirt for any day is also a staple in most of our closets.



How short or long do you like to wear your skirts? xo

Stay fabulous,



Here’s more statement-making pieces for any age, inspired by the Visible women:

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  1. What a great post. It’s interesting how we gravitate toward one length for our skirts. I’ve found my favorite, although it’s fun to explore other options. Nice to see the bloggers you show here.

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