Einstein, Greenspan, Baseball: I Got It Covered

I am exposing my mind to all kinds of big-city experiences while here in New York. Not just the fab thrift shopping and centuries-old pubs, although those are pretty wonderful too. ☺

We took in a lecture at the 92nd Street Y, “On Einstein”. The speakers included psychiatrist/author, Gail Saltz, and an astrophysicist. It was a delightful meld of my own profession (psychotherapy) and my husband’s (science). Einstein was a true genius, one in ten million, but his relationships with women were troubled. So, interesting!

There are loads of great events here at the Y. Sting is coming next week to chat.

Then shop, shop, coffee, cookies, walk through Central Park. The evening’s event was a talk by Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve. He’s promoting his new book. I could barely hear him as the acoustics were terrible, but I bet he said some smart things. I saw his wife, journalist Andrea Mitchell, in the front row, looking fab.

He’s smart!

To cap off a day of intellectual conditioning, we went to one of the local pubs to watch the World Series. Tequila and Coke!

Have a fabulous Thursday, and thanks for stopping by.

Visible Monday is on its “off” week this coming weekend, so we can recharge and refresh. ☺ We’ll be back on Monday, November 4th (actually, the Sunday evening

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  1. Patti, who knows what kind of things you could pick up in this day and age exposing your mind like that! Be sure you practice safe thinking. (sorry). What a great lecture, Einstein. I know would have enjoyed it too. And I would have like the Greenspan one too just to see the crowd. Coffee and cookies. Yah!

  2. Ah ! NY never disapoints! such a brilliant city
    Shelley or Forest City Fashionista was in NY this week, she was at some grand event with Jean-Paul Gauthier –

  3. hey Patti! Guess vvhat? I now am hosting a Hop and would love to have you participate, if you'd like? It is today, but starts it's publishing on Thursday night. Consider it. I shall be great fun. Have a nice weekend and see you in a week at your awesome Hop!

  4. Glad to hear you're enjoying the city. If you want to have fun, try the ice bar — Minus 5 — which is on 53rd Street and 6th Avenue (in the Hilton Hotel).

  5. Sounds like you are having a typical amazing trip to NYC! Just can't get enough! Way to balance out the trip!

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