Dress Like Yourself And You’ll Always Be In Style

You know when you’re wearing something that really feels like you. You stand up straighter, walk with confidence and a secret smile, and you don’t want to take it off the minute you walk in the door. And it might not be a special evening dress or designer suit.

It might be a cotton hippie blouse or dress, or a favorite wool cardigan with velvet trim, or the best fitting jeans you’ve ever owned. You know it when you feel it. For me, it’s often casual but expressive clothing. Not just a tee and jeans, but a graphic tee and jeans, and a funky bracelet. I don’t favor formal or even business-style clothes, although I had plenty of years to enjoy them.

Today I am sporting that very same cotton hippie blouse, by Free People and thrifted (similar). It’s not high fashion but it does feel like me, and calls back to my hippie youth. The denim skirt (sim) is an old closet staple, that stands in for jeans when the temperatures rise. And I love the newly thrifted velvet belt (sim), with embroidered butterflies.

Dress like yourself top and skirt

Yes, the old peace sign still resonates with me. Maybe even more now than when I was 16.


What are the elements of your every day authentic style? Have a great weekend, and see you at Visible Monday. xo


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Some things that are often part of my authentic wardrobe:

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  1. You look exactly how I wanted to look today! I don’t have the jean skirt but am haunting the local thrift shops.

  2. You can tell when a person feels good in what they are wearing by the way they carry themselves. The trick is to find those pieces that make you feel great, and that you return to over and over. To abandon the idea of being “on trend” and instead look for pieces who make you feel like the best version of you possible.

  3. Very cute outfit, Patti. Nothing feels better or inspires more confidence and ease than when we wear something that truly reflects who we are. It feels good to be real.

  4. I totally agree Patti!
    Feel good = Look good.
    It really is that simple.
    You look confident and happy.
    Anyway, every trend has been “reinvented” and regurgitated so many times it makes my head spin!! :oP

    • so true about the trends coming around, and around. thanks for your kind words, xo

  5. I LOVE Free People’s stuff – I wish they would use models in our age group. They are missing out on a whole category of women that enjoy wearing hippy chic or boho.

    • I totally agree – there’s a lot of us baby boomers who love the boho look. xox

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